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UFC 155 Post-Event Wrap Up!

I thought it was kinda kizmit having Mike Tyson cageside for last night’s big JDS / Velasquez scrap. It underlined the era of great heavyweight fights we live in right now. So what did Iron Mike think of the fights? Dana White shared his thoughts of the night:

“He was bored the first three fights, liked Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller and thought the main event was ‘great'”

Junior Dos Santos talks about his loss from the hospital:

I had no fracture, I’m just bloated. Am I beautiful? Cain was better and deserved to win, but I used the wrong strategy. I was very worried about him shooting in on my legs and left my face unprotected. So he hit me. When I was on the floor, I should have used more jiu-jitsu, I trained so much. But I tried to get back up, and he hurt me too, but on the ground he is very good, very strong. I did not connect any punches good, even. It was bad because I was feeling very well, did a great training camp, everything was just right. But the fight went how it went anyway …

I want [a rematch] now, soon. I won the first and he had a rematch. Now I lost and I want my rematch. I’m saying I want this fight. I’ll get my belt.

Dana White confirms that Leonard Garcia won’t be cut after losing a gutsy split decision to Max Holloway:

“Sean Shelby, one of our matchmakers, came to me during the fights tonight and said, ‘Dana, I don’t want to cut this guy’, and I said, ‘There’s no way in hell we’re cutting Leonard Garcia.'”

A couple of gifs for you. Here’s Todd Duffee force feeding Phil De Fries an impressive amount of overhand rights, earning him the 65k KO of the night award.

Costa Philippou lands a sweet uppercut on Tim Boetsch.

Junior isn’t the only one with power in his punches.

Joe Lauzon’s sweet flying heel hook attempt (via Angry Black Man)

Junior Dos Santos wasn’t the only guy who left UFC 155 looking kinda Frankenstein-ish. Here’s Joe Lauzon after getting stitched up.

Via Reddit, a timelapse of Junior Dos Santos’ face between rounds.