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UFC 154 draws around 700,000 PPV buys

In our never-ending quest to analyze, interpret, and offer sage advice on the things a multi-billion dollar company should be focusing on to succeed, we remain obsessed with television ratings and PPV numbers. The numbers are in for UFC 154, and there are many ways to interpret the figure of between 680,000 and 700,000. Those numbers are provided of course by guesstimator extraordinaire, Dave Meltzer.

First and foremost, GSP is the UFC’s PPV king. There’s just really no question about that. He’s remained a constant draw dating back to the TUF 1 days. Going as far back as UFC 74, GSP has never been involved in an event that sold under half a million PPV’s; the total figures for those events exceeds eight million buys; and the events he has headlined (GSP was not the main feature at UFC’s 74 or 100) have pulled in just under six million buys. When you roll like that, you get paid, and GSP gets PAID.

The figure of 700,000 is never something to scoff at, even though it is slightly down from GSP’s usual numbers. Simplifying the numbers down to a price of $50 per purchase by excluding bars/restaurants/theaters, that’s a cool $35 mil for those of you who suffered through basic math. Not too shabby. When you’re solely responsible for a new Ferrari in your boss’s garage and making his favorite casino a few hundred grand richer at the Blackjack tables then you’ve performed your job well.

Canada loves GSP. Although specific figures for Canadian PPV buys are not available, Meltzer describes them as “tremendous.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds pretty damn impressive.

America loves GSP too, although we also love to rag on him. What? Didn’t you know we’re a hateful lot. If you’ve ever been to a GSP headlined event though you know what I’m talking about. UFC 111, Newark, NJ. The streets are clogged with guys in those ridiculous Daniel LaRusso/GSP headbands, forcing the local gangsters to abandon their illicit activities for a few minutes while they pissed themselves.

Women love GSP. Whether it’s his impressive physique, his “awe shucks” smile, his robotic interview style, or this tiny French-Canadian head, the ho’s just love them some Georges. I used to have this girlfriend who was obsessed with him. It’s a mystery to me why she would prefer an in-shape, filthy rich, badass mother fucker over a horribly average commoner, but hey that’s why I kicked that bitch to the curb.

Any way you slice it, GSP is the man.