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UFC 149 Super Suck Wrap-Up

The UFC 149 PPV card sucked. Hard. So hard that the black hole level of suckitude was pretty much the biggest, most interesting topic to come out of the entire event. So of course, many MMA writers focused on that fact and flexed their shit-talking muscles a little to capture said suckage with their fine prose. We decided it might be fun to collect our favorite reactions, starting with Canada’s Sportsnet:

“It’s the unfortunate part about hype,” White said. “When you don’t live up hype, it goes away pretty quick.”

In a sense, that may speak to the whole UFC experience in Calgary. It had been heavily promoted from the day it was announced, but little by little the enthusiasm frittered away to the point it seemed the show should have been cancelled and money refunded to all who paid tickets. But the UFC decided the show would go on, and it produced a roster that could have saved the card if the fighters simply did their job. White can’t order the fighters to put on a good show, he can only hope that message is inherently understood because of the financial rewards for doing it, both in terms of bonuses and being promoted higher in the rankings.

One has to wonder how Lombard could have failed to realize that. He’s new to the UFC, but not to MMA. He has really damaged his standing by royally embarrassing the company.

MMA Sucka:

Bizarro world is a fictional planet in the DC Universe, named Htrae (earth backwards) has been a staple of comic book fandom since the mid-sixties and been played out largely in pop culture between television series’ like Seinfeld and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Well, tonight, UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was fitting of the bizarro world title – Ryan Jimmo hadn’t finished a fight since 2008 and obliterated Anthony Perosh in seven seconds, meanwhile Hector Lombard who’s known for highlight-reel first round finishes lost a slow, plodding Split Decision.

Bloody Elbow’s Brent Brookhouse:

UFC 149 stunk. It was awful.

MMA Fighting:

After all is said and done, was UFC 149 the worst pay-per-view event of all-time?

Bleacher Report:

To put it bluntly, this event was not worth more than $19.99.

Bloody Elbow’s Tim Burke:

A tape of this should be used to punish naughty children, or be used by the military as an interrogation tool. Unless you’re having problems sleeping one night, this should never be watched.

Several more scathing statements after the jump.

Cage Potato:

Fact: You had a 63% better chance of seeing a fight at a Calgary Flames game than you did at UFC 149, according to a study I made up for this caption.

MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shitty:

Barring main events, is it a fair assessment to say UFC 147, UFC 148 and UFC 149 was the worst back-to-back-to-back trio of pay-per-views we’ve seen in the past few years? As a fan, how many of those three left you satisfied after shelling out $55? It’s a tough question because, let’s face it, the UFC isn’t exactly at fault for all these injuries. But you’d have to imagine we’re nearing the breaking point where customers who usually purchase every pay-per-view suddenly become a lot choosier when it comes to burning a hole through their wallet. Call it oversaturation, call it bad luck, call it what you will. Just know that once a product hits that point, it’s a long road to come back from.

Bloody Elbow’s Fraser Cofeen:

Dana White has always said he wants the UFC to be as big as a major sport. To do that, they need to become a free sport anyone can watch. The PPV model can only take them so far, and it’s now beginning to hurt them. And before anyone says “Well, it’s working for boxing”, let me ask – is it? Is boxing in 2012 really the sport you want to hold up as the gold standard for what works?

Dan Henderson:

Just woke up, somehow I dozed off during the fights tonight.

And one last one from Dana White, just to put everything into perspective:

“We’re at UFC 149 and you can count on one hand how many of our shows have sucked, and tonight is one more finger on the hand.”