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UFC 146 drug tests come back clean*

I’m sure everyone sighed a big sigh of relief when news came out that all the drug tests taken after UFC 146 came back clean. The last thing we need is yet another steroid story kicking us in the face. Oh wait. Frank Mir fought with a TRT exemption:

Mir, who began taking testosterone in January, met all the testing requirements after applying in March, Kizer said. Among those requirements were five blood tests measuring the fighter’s serum-testosterone level. All fell below the normal range expected in a healthy adult male.

Additionally, Mir was subjected to two urine tests that, among other things, measured his testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio. Those fell within the commission’s accepted 6-to-1 limit.

Even when it’s done to the letter of the law, no sir I do not like it.