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UFC 130 Prelim Results

Renan Barao outpoints Cole Escovedo in meh fight

Silly fighters … don’t you know bantamweights are supposed to be unfailingly entertaining all the time, no excuses?? Renan Barao and Cole Escovedo started the night off with a bit of a snoozer, with neither guy pushing very hard for action or finishes.

Although Barao clearly had striking superiority on the feet, he spent most of the fight sitting in Escovedo’s guard doing very little. But for a guy as quick to pull guard as Escovedo is, he certainly didn’t seem very interested in going for any submissions. So with that in mind, it confused me as to why Cole was happy to waste the first two rounds off his back doing nothing.

Things picked up a little in the third as Renan Barao started getting comfortable and throwing some flying knees and spinning backfists, but he never really had Escovedo in danger. Barao clearly took all three rounds, but only because he was doing more than Escovedo (aka doing more than NOTHING). We can only hope the Barao we saw glimpses of in the third round ends up being the Barao we see for his entire next fight. Otherwise I’m not really interested.

Shitty judging is alive and well in McDonald / Cariaso split decision

God bless him, Chris Cariaso was willing to stand and exchange with Michael McDonald for most of the fight but he just wasn’t good enough to pull it off. Over 3 rounds, McDonald slowly outpointed Cariaso with more accurate and more damaging striking.

If you thought monitors would stop judges from giving the Leonard Garcias of the world rounds for swinging away while getting surgically picked apart by their opponent, you were wrong. One judge scored the fight 30-27 Cariaso, which is freaking insane. The only logical explanation for that is the judge mixed up who was who. Or the judge is an effing retard. Either or.

Gleison Tibau chokes out Rafaello Oliveira

Gleison Tibau showed some fire in his prelim fight against Rafaello Oliveira. Not content to wrestle and push his opponent around the cage as usual, he took control of scrambles, got into superior positions, and took advantage of them to finish off his opponent.

The fight was back and forth in the first round with both fighters giving ‘er with flurries, takedown attempts, and scrambles. In the second though, Tibau got himself onto Oliveira’s back and immediately started landing some brutal shots to his face that had Rafaello hurt. He showed some sweet back control and practically rode Oliveira for the last minute, accurately tagging his opponent before whipping out a rear naked choke and tapping him.

  • shillyer says:

    Cariaso won at least two of the rounds. rewatch and learn a bit about MMA. maybe you need to be kicked in the leg once or twice to get it.