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UFC 130 payroll

The official salaries for UFC 130 have been released, and big surprise, Rampage tops the list with his $250K flat rate, tied with Frank Mir’s to-win total.  Here’s how the payroll broke down, after the jump:

Rampage Jackson: $250,000 (no win bonus)
def. Matt Hamill: $32,000

Frank Mir: $250,000 ($125K + $125K win bonus)
def. Roy Nelson: $15,000

Travis Browne: $86,000 ($8K + $8K win bonus + $70K “KO of the Night” bonus)
def. Stefan Struve: $21,000

Rick Story: $34,000 ($17K + $17K win bonus)
def. Thiago Alves: $ 33,000

Brian Stann: $116,000 ($23K + $23K win bonus + $70K “Fight of the Night” bonus)
def. Jorge Santiago: $36,000

Demetrious Johnson: $12,000 ($6K + $6K win bonus)
def. Miguel Torres: $30,000

Tim Boetsch: $36,000 ($18K + $18K win bonus)
def. Kendall Grove: $28,000

Gleison Tibau: $120,000 ($25K + $25K win bonus + $70K “Sub of the Night” bonus)
def. Rafaello Oliveira: $10,000

Michael McDonald: $12,000 ($6K + $6K win bonus)
def. Chris Cariaso: $4000

Renan Barao: $10,000 ($5K + $5K win bonus)
def. Cole Escovedo: $6,000

Speaking of broke down, how bout those poor bastards who are still riding out their WEC contracts, huh?  This was Mighty Mouse’s 5th fight for Zuffa and his 4th win in a row (against serious competition to boot) but he’s still only making $6K to show, while Kendal Grove has lost 4 of his last 6 and he’s making almost 5 times as much.  Chris Cariaso is only 2-2 under Zuffa now, but come on, NOBODY at this level of the sport should be taking home as little as $4K.

And you can shit on Big Country for his corpulence, but damn, he ain’t buying very many Whoppers on that TUF contract.  As he pointed out himself, he was making 80% of that when he was in the IFL over 3 years ago.  I wonder if that topic will come up at his meeting with Dana tomorrow.

As for Mir, I’d say $250K to win is about right for a multiple-time former champ who’s still in the top-10.  Even Dana now says he initially shat on Mir too harshly for his performance, so there you go.

I must say though, it kinda pisses me off when I see such massive pay disparities in a specific match.  Obviously fighters need to prove themselves over time in order to earn the fat contracts, but if you think a guy is worthy of fighting one of the top-ranked stars, then pay him accordingly.  There ought to be some kind of scale, so when a guy like Roy’s fighting the likes of Struve, then fine, pay him 15+15… but if they’re going to throw him in with a top contender, I’d think they should double that or something.  And that especially applies when it’s the main event… I’m not necessarily saying Hamill’s worth big bucks, but if they think he’s worthy of a main event fight on PPV, then it follows that he’s worthy of main event money.

Maybe that’s where the legendary locker room bonuses come in.  Speaking of which, as usual the above numbers don’t include extra revenue like PPV percentages, “discretionary” bonuses, and sponsorships, or expenses such as licensing fees, taxes, and gastric bypass surgery.

  • CAP says:

    From what I saw the pay to skill ratio in the main event seems accurate. Unfortunately.

  • glassjawsh says:

    thoughts: when frank mir knocked out wes sims at UFC 46 (jan 2004) he made 90k while sims only brought home 5k. this was when the sport was loding money mind you. at that same card randy couture would have gotten 200k if he’d not had his face sliced off by vitor’s glove. also the low end of the spectrum was 2.5k to show and 2k to win. seems to me like in the last 7 years, while the sport has absolutely asploded base salaries have essentially only increased with inflation….

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT!!!! none of this accounts for sponsorship dollars and locker room bonuses that we have no clue about, so it’s essentially worthless to bitch and moan about fighters not getting paid enough when it’s impossible to know exactly how much skrilla they are pocketing each time out

  • Letibleu says:

    Its adjusted. We will never hear about it. I have faith they do.

  • rickis says:

    Obviously we all want to see some level of accuracy and equity in these salaries but it’s not quite the case, is it? One thing is for sure, at this level they could sure use the services of the payroll outsourcing companies, that’s a lot of money we’re talking about and apparently these salaries are calculated on different grounds.

  • saira says:



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