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What a strange night. With Brian Ebersole’s chest arrow, Bisping’s hateful knee to Rivera’s dome, Sotirop getting upset, and the majority draw in the main event, UFC 127 was a weird night of fights. Say what you will about the lack of importance of some of the match-ups and the anti-clamactic ending to the main event, but for better or worse this was a memorable card. Because I wasn’t hugged enough as a child and now require constant attention as a result, read on as I share my thoughts on the fights and, more specifically, where these guys should head next.

Jon Fitch vs. BJ Penn

I’m not about to call this decision a monumental travesty like some people, but let’s face it: Jon Fitch should have had his hand raised at the end of the night. The argument that Penn won the second isn’t entirely unreasonable, yet it makes a helluva lot more sense to score it for Fitch. Sure, Penn had his back for a bit and secured a takedown. At the same time, Fitch’s reversal and subsequent damage from the top has got to outweigh anything Penn did. And anybody who says the third was a 10-9 should be committed. That’s a goddamn 10-8 if I’ve ever seen one.

As with any draw, these two need to have a re-match. And if Georges St. Pierre puts the stamp on Jake Shields like most rational individuals expect him to, Fitch-Penn II should be for the vacant welterweight title. If Shields pulls off the upset, then I’d have Fitch and Penn fight once again to determine the top welterweight contender, with the hope that it’s the first non-title five rounder in UFC history. That way we could potentially avoid another messy majority draw decision.

More thoughts after the jump.

Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera

Intentional knee to the dome aside, I think Bisping might be ready for a title eliminator. I know, I know — beating Jorge Rivera shouldn’t be enough to earn a top contender fight, but combining this win with his two previous wins over Akiyama and Dan Miller means Bisping is on a nice little win streak against some tough opponents. I’d really, really like to see Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen if the former title challenger can clear up his personal problems sometime in the near future. The pre-fight build-up would be nothing short of extraordinary, the fight would likely turn out to be a slobberknocker, and the winner would be ready for a crack at the middleweight title. If Sonnen’s unavailable, Yushin Okami is going to need a high-level opponent sometime soon.

As for Rivera, it’s back to the middle of the pack. Considering his age and his limited skill-set, it looks like Saturday night was El Conquistador’s last shot at making a run towards title contention. What impact the illegal knee played in the outcome of the fight is unknown, but I think the result would have likely been the same no matter what. Bisping is simply the better fighter.

George Sotiropolous vs. Dennis Siver

Siver’s stellar takedown defense dictated this fight. With the win, he puts himself in title contention and sends Sotirop back to the drawing board. As far as future opponents go, I like the German fighter against either Takanori Gomi or Melvin Guillard.

Sotirop came into this fight with a ton of hype. Despite that, his ineffective wrestling game caused him to lose a pretty clear cut decision. If he can shore up the glaring holes in his game, pick the right opponents, and win a few more in a row then he could potentially put himself back in line for a title shot. I think a good next step for Sotirop would be a fight with Matt Wiman or the winner of Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson.



  • glassjawsh says:

    good to see someone working around here

    this post sucks

    here’s why you are wrong about everything

    the fight was scored correctly (according to the jank ass system that is used) because being in top position for the last 1/3 of the 2nd round does not negate constantly getting punched in the face/taken down/worked on the ground in the first 2/3rds

    i hope to God there isn’t a rematch because Penn has way more compelling fights out there for him, it’d be a rematch no one really wants to see of a fight no one really wanted to see

    whoever said that the UFC will treat this fight as if BJ won is a sooth sayer as this fight will only improve his standing in the division

    if GSP loses to shields there will be an immediate rematch (and toronto will burn to the ground)

    Chael Sonnen v Michael Bisping would be an awful fight, it’d be Sonnen v Silva except without all that gay jiu jitsu to save Bisping

    I’d like to see Guillard knock out Siver though

  • drewster55 says:

    Bisping should be in some serious shit for what he did – that knee was the second biggest cheap shot in the history of the modern ufc (daley on kos # 1) and to follow that up by spitting at his corner – fine him, these guys are suppose to be professionals

    Penn WAS great, now he is just really good – if he fought fitch again – he would get fucked up – he is going to act like he will retire until enough people beg him to come back and feed his ego



  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Anybody else think Michael David Smith is a whiny bitch? Every one of his post is just bitching about something. So fucking annoying, I don’t know why a good site like mmafighting would employ his ass.

  • Zurich says:

    Rivera better not get cut after that.  Or better yet, Bisping better get someone who’ll crush him and make him look like the BITCH(ping) he is, like Okami or Sonnen.

  • frickshun says:

    SHAWN!!!! Good write-up. Few things:

    1) Siver is garbage. Why do they keep pushing him like his striking is elite. They call it an “upset” for a reason. He was not expected to win. Bad match-up for G-Sot considering his wrestling…..well he doesn’t have it. Needed more neoprene knee sleeves!! I would love Siver/Guillard. Not sure Gomi makes sense considering he’s only 1-1 in UFC right now.
    2) 100% agreed on BizPing.
    3) Pysically, Penn looked as good as I’ve ever seen him @ 170. If he could just train (even) harder & not gas in the 3rd, he could still beat most of the world @ 170.
    4) Fitch is Fitch. Hard guy to love…..BUT I STILL LOVE HIM!!
    5) What ever happened to the immature Shawny that couldn’t finish a thought sans mom joke? I’ve never left YOUR house w/o finishing.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    I’d like to see Guillard knock out Siver though


    Guillard already beat Siver back in his first UFC run, G-Sot needs to fight dudes who will indulge his ground game


    Lol at everyone wanting to see Bisping fight a guy who has his contract frozen by the UFC and is probably on probation/can’t leave his home state. Why not have Bisping fight a guy who is also a top 5 middleweight  who if defeated you can make a case for a title shot, a guy like I don’t know..YUSHING FUCKING OKAMI.

    Okami won’t get into any moronic trash talk to sell fights to ignorant marks and will more than likely defeat Bisping with gentle dominance that will send Bisping back to gatekeeper duty where he belongs.


    Then again I underestimate how much people like hearing trash talk.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Okami would just lay on top of Bisping. I want Vitor to knock his head off.

  • CAP says:

    I was actually impressed with Siver and the way he was throwing G-Sot off of him.

  • shawn says:

    Yeah, Siver was impressive.No doubt about it.

    Anybody saying otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The dude just beat Sotirop, who was being hailed as the next big thing at lightweight. Suddenly, after the fight, Sotirop was never that good to begin with and Siver just got lucky. Doesn’t make any sense. He executed a great gameplan to perfection and was rightly awarded the victory over a guy many considered to be top 10 in the world. Dude deserves respek.

    On top of that, this guy is now 6-1 in his past 7 UFC fights. That is goddamn impressive. Four of those six wins were finishes, which is also impressive. AND out of those 7 fights, Siver got fight night bonuses on 4 of them. This dude is legit people.

    And to explain my suggestion that Siver fight Gomi, I just think it makes sense for both fighters right now. Sure, Gomi is only 1-2 in his UFC run, but he’s still a name fighter who is always one big win away from relevance (see what happened after his KO of Tyson Griffin). He needs to test himself against one of the up and coming fighters of the division in order to see if he can still hang, At the same time, Siver deserves another big fight after his win over Sotirop. Gomi fits the bill nicely.

  • frickshun says:

    Siver is so fucking overrated……WOW Shawn.

  • CAP says:

    “byest kickboxer in the ufc” Ain’t that what they’re sellin? You knew if G-Sot won he was “in the mix”

  • Grappo says:

    Kept thinkin, why the hell doesn’t Soti sweep or trip him?  Everytime, he’d just grab Siver’s leg and hold it until Siver ripped it out.  Sweep the other leg motherfucker!

  • agentsmith says:

    Frick, you just don’t like Siver cause you’re trying to keep the Aryan man down.  Fuckin racist.

  • shawn says:

    Grappo: that was the craziest part of that fight to me. Standing, it was gonan be Siver all day, but Sotirop could at least hold his own. On the ground, no doubt Sotirop would have funished. All he had to do was get it there ONCE and he couldnt. Mind boggling.

  • malonth says:

    I don’t believe round 3 of Penn v. Fitch was a 10-8. Fitch scuffed Penn up a bit, but did not land any big strikes and at no point was the official ready to call the fight. The fight should have been Penn’s 29-28.

  • shawn says:

    Malonth: But the point is Penn landed essentially zero offense. Nowhere does it say that you need to nearly finish the guy to be awarded 10-8. The issue is dominance. I’m attaching a link to the fight stats below. In the third round Fitch attempted and landed three takedowns to Penn’s zero. He landed 149 total strikes to Penn’s TWO. He landed 26 “significant” strikes to Penn’s one. The point is, he utterly dominated Penn in the third and therefore the correct score was 10-8. Ask yourself this: if that wasn’t a 10-8 round, then what exactly does a 10-8 round look like?

  • scissors61 says:

    Their attempted submissions tally for rounds 2 and 3 is off. another reason i don’t pay attention to fight metric. 


  • KrmtDfrog says:

    Personally, I thought the fight was better scored as a 29-29 draw than 28-28. I thought rd 2 was really, really close and could have easily been 10-10.

    Also trying to rely on statistics like “significant strikes” in a jon fitch fight is about the most misleading shit anyone can do. Granted, I think he looked pretty damn good in the third, but other than that, it was the same old, same old: top control and not much else.

  • shawn says:

    I dunno if anyone else saw this, but Dana made it a point to say that Fitch shouldn’t be crying for a title shot as he nearly lost a fight against a 155 pounder.

    I normally agree with Dana, but I think he’s entirely wrong here. I think if Fitch had one convincingly, Dana would’ve put his promoter hat on and talked about how Fitch was able to beat a legend, a former champ, a pound-for-pound great. Since he’s not happy with the outcome, he instead labels Penn simply as “a 155 pounder” and minimizes the fact that Fitch was able to largely be successful against one of the best of all time.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    largely successful? he won 1 rd for sure, probably drew a rd, and lost one. Thats not successful.

  • scissors61 says:

    agreed, clint


  • Nachtfalter says:

    If you have doubts as to whether Fitch was successful against Penn or not, just look at and listen to BJ after the fight. He was literally about to retire right then and there because Fitch beat the will to live out of him in the third round. I’m not a big Jon Fitch fan (if there even is such a thing), but the lack of respect towards him is really ridiculous. Then again, he’s kind of asking for ridicule by crying for title shots after a draw 😉


    As far as Bisping goes… that’s just what happens when shit gets real. Rivera got what he had coming to him after trying to make a name off of someone completely out of his league in every way.


    Finally, as a part of the relatively small (I think) German contingent on FL, I have to weigh in on Dennis Siver, of course… I honestly didn’t think he had much of a chance at all against G-Sot, but he worked on his defensive wrestling enough to keep the fight in the kickboxing realm, showed improved hands and looked pretty sterling, overall. The whole “most dangerous kickboxer of the lightweight division” angle the UFC tries to push is stupid, obviously, but Siver does appear to improve on a fight to fight basis, so who knows how far he can go? I’ve never been a big believer in Siver (I think I actually picked Spencer Fisher to beat him), but I’m slowly but surely warming up to the idea of him being a top 20 or at least top 25 lightweight. I’d pick Takanori Gomi to beat Siver, but I definitely would love to see that fight. Another interesting possibility would be Matt Wiman, who a) beat Cole Miller (who in turn beat Ross Pearson, the last guy to beat Siver) and, more importantly, b) is a much better wrestler than Sotiropolous and would put Siver’s seemingly improved takedown defence to the test.

  • scissors61 says:

    If you have doubts as to whether Fitch was successful against Penn or not, just look at and listen to BJ after the fight. 

    The same could be said of Fitch–he was clearly upset and admitted that Penn threw him off his game completely in the first half of the fight. In any case, it is what it is. Dazu auch muss ich auch sagen, dass dein Englisch wirklich sehr gut ist–ich dachte vorher, dass du Ami waerst. Gut gemacht, heh 

  • Take It Easy says:

    only reason it was a draw was because penn gassed

  • shawn says:

    Take It Easy: Even if true, what does that even mean? Part of fighting is your ability to wear down your opponents, another part is your cardio so you can stay in the game. If Penn gassed, he did so because the pressure Fitch was putting on him was more than his body could handle, and also likely because he didnt prepare his cardio enough.

  • agentsmith says:

    The 3rd round would have been the same regardless if BJ had Olympic-level cardio.

  • Take It Easy says:

    would hve been the same as the first two rounds where fitch’s overrated wrestling was horribly exposed

    too bad for fitch thats the only thing he has

    theres a good reason why he doesnt fight koscheck he’d get killed

  • agentsmith says:

    Oh yeah, his wrestling’s so overrated that it’s worked like a fucking charm against absolutely everyone whose initials aren’t GSP.

    In the 3rd round he came straight out, nailed BJ with a hard punch and immediately followed it with the takedown, then ground on BJ for the entire round exactly how he always does.  There’s no reason to presume BJ could have defended that takedown if he’d had more gas, nor any reason to presume he could have gotten up.


    Also, Fitch won the 2nd round, I don’t give a fuck what Dana White says.  Watch Dana whenever he’s in the background, literally half the time he’s not even watching, he’s either talking to someone or looking down at something… probably playing with his Blackberry on fucking Twitter or some shit.  Watch the gif where Ebersole drops Lytle with the knee, Dana’s literally right there and he doesn’t even look up.  Or watch the video blog where you see the same thing when Silva KO’s Belfort… Dana didn’t see shit cause he was fucking with his phone.

  • frickshun says:

    Smithers–>he’s LOOKING @ A MONITOR.

    And playing Angry Birds.

  • agentsmith says:

    If he’s watching a monitor, then why did he tell that pooftah Anthony Kiedis that he didn’t see the KO?

  • scissors61 says:

    smitz if you’re referring to the vlog i posted i believe he said ‘i’ve never seen anything like that’ or something close to it. i think it’s pretty clear that he saw the ko since, ya know, they filmed him watching it on a monitor. it’s pretty obvious that he’s not texting or twitter or whatever 

  • shawn says:

    The guy is the President of the goddamn company. You can go ahead and hate him for a bunch of different reasons, but not because you’re convinced he doesn’t actually watch the fights. That’s insane. He’s got a monitor right in front of him, and saves his tweeting for between fights.

  • agentsmith says:

    Shit, I could’ve sworn he said “I didn’t even see it” when I watched it the first time.  Sorry for going off all Snowden-esque, folks.

    But he’s still wrong about BJ winning the 2nd round.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    The fact of the matter is that fitch only decisively won one round. Fights are judged round by round. This isn’t Japan, this is ammurrriica. You can’t bitch about not winning if you only clearly win one round.

  • Take It Easy says:

    there’s no reason to presume penn would have gotten back up BECAUSE HE HE ACTUALLY GOT UP FROM THAT TAKEDOWN FOURTY SECONDS LATER

    wow all that bloodyelbow style aspergers virgin shit talk about dana white not even paying attention to fights when it turns agentsmith was the actual retard all along

    pat yourself on the back you managed to one up fitch’s terrible exposing performance with your unreedemable and untenable posts in this thread

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ this guy. i like this guy

    also I love it when Yeah Right is right, since it happens so rarely

  • agentsmith says:

    “there’s no reason to presume penn would have gotten back up BECAUSE HE HE ACTUALLY GOT UP FROM THAT TAKEDOWN FOURTY SECONDS LATER”

    And got taken right back fucking down again, right?  Right.  So again, explain your claim that it would’ve been any different if BJ had more gas, or just shut the fuck up.

  • Take It Easy says:

    backpedal faster faggot your argumentation is as effective as jon fitch’s top game when a gassed out lightweight pressed against the cage was able to cleanly kick him off and get back standing while you weren’t even watching, either talking to someone or looking down at something… probably playing with your Blackberry on fucking Twitter or some shit

    the crux of the argument is that you are literally dumber than a child because even a retard baby would tell you bj penn wins the fight no questions asked if he hadnt gassed

    even lesnar could finish a gassed opponent too bad fitch isnt anywhere near a s skilled

  • agentsmith says:

    So in a nutshell, you’re saying BJ would win just because.  Well, can’t argue with that.  Carry on.

  • G Funk says:

    Anime girl hasn’t lost any spunk.

  • Take It Easy says:

    pretending rounds 1 and 2 never happened, retard troll “agentsmith” strikes again

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ this, except for the troll part. twas a draw and any argument otherwise is biased or sadly misguided

  • agentsmith says:

    But dude, BJ would have won if he had unlimited super-cardio… like in a video game or something. And Fitch would have knocked him out if he only had good striking, and Take It Easy would be a pornstar if he didn’t have a 2-inch baby-dick.

  • Take It Easy says:

    i wish i had a small cute dick tbqh

  • iamphoenix says:

    a chick called my dick fancy.

  • frickshun says:

    My dick has a handlebar moustache & a monacle.