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UFC 126 Staff Picks


fightlinker: In the slums of Brazil, gangsters are betting herds of child prostitutes on this fight. I have to imagine the ones cheering for Vitor beat theirs less. Plus Vitor hasn’t been fighting like a giant cocksmith for the past 3 years. Vitor Belfort via TKO R2

scissors61: Vitor Belfort is not a roided-up felon with awesome wrestling and nasty bacne like the last guy Silva fought. But neither is he the man who will go home with the belt on Saturday as Anderson Silva notches a hype-restoring second-round TKO to retain the championship.

Reverend Clint: Will really old/really new Vitor show up and blast Anderson back in time? Or will the bad ass Anderson that broke noses and made men cry show up? Allah help us all if shitty Belfort and boring Anderson show up at the same time. Somewhere Kalib Starnes will say “It happens to the best of us!” Anderson Silva via So You Think You Can Dance

Grappo: My love for Vitor is boundless, but he’s not at Silva’s level.  Depending on which Spider shows up, Anderson Silva KOs in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.

Rodriguez: There’s a game us predictors play. We look at correct guesses and say “Psh, you took the safe route, I’m soooo impressed…NOT!” Then we look at incorrect guesses and say “What an idiot, you’re the new Tomas Rios.” Since you can’t win anyway, screw it! Vitor Belfort by TKO in round 1. 

dulljake: Silva’s been fighting scrubs, and if Vitor can bring his A game, I think he can be enough of an aggressor to win. I think everyone is going to lose their fucking minds when Anderson finally falls, and if anyone at 185 can do it, it’s Belfort-Prime. Vitor Belfort via Decision


Fightlinker: Forrest Griffin just wrote his second book while Rich Franklin watched Cyborg Soldier once and decided he better not quit his day job. Rich Franklin via stiff breeze knocking Griffin out in R3.

scissors61:  Rich Franklin really does look like Jim Carrey, while Forrest Griffin just wishes he looked like Michael C. Hall. As consolation for losing the celebrity doppelganger contest Forrest Griffin takes a decision and gives an overly-emotional victory speech while that one guy in the do-rag cheers him on. Who is that fuckin’ guy?

Grappo: This is going to be a nasty fight ending with an unconscious (possibly arm-flailing) Griffin.  Rich Franklin by KO.

Rodriguez: Layoffs are a killer in MMA. A guy can’t have a 15 month gap between fights and expect to be at the top of his game. Forrest will get rid of some of that ring rust by having it knocked off courtesy of a Rich Franklin right hook. Rich Franklin by TKO in round 1. 

dulljake: Forrest hasn’t been the same since the Silva fight; he’s been too busy promoting his book and generally being absent from the MMA scene to be worthy of mention. Franklin, on the other hand, still seems to have that post-coital glow from wrecking Chuck Liddell. Rich Franklin via knockout in Rd3


Fightlinker: Watching Carlos freaking Condit go fetal after one Ellenberger punch to the grill was enough to make me a believer. Rocha might be a secret jitz master from the future, but it won’t save him on the feet. Jake Ellenberger via KO R1

scissors61: Who the fuck is Carlos Eduardo Rocha? No, seriously, who the fuck is he? Ellenberger by TKO in the first round.

Reverend Clint: Rocha choked out a shitty TUF fighter while Jake has actually fought people. I’m gonna go with Jake Ellenberger via TKO rd 1

Grappo: I’ve got high hopes for Rocha, but this isn’t the fight for him at this point.  Jake is going to beast him. Jake Ellenberger by TKO.

Rodriguez: Ellenberger is like the Shane Stant of MMA. A guy could be going along in their career thinking they aight, that they got skills, then some guy they’ve never heard of just wrecks their stuff. You’re better off fighting a bear than Ellenberger. Yeah, you’d die just as violently, but at least you won’t be left ” target=”_blank”>puking in front of millions of people like you’re on “Jackass” or something. Jake Ellenberger by TKO in round 1.


Fightlinker: In the rock / paper / scissors of MMA, wrassler almost always beats dynamic exciting fighter. But Bader switches gears like an Asian grandmother trying to drive a mack truck – when he does his standard second round stall out, Jones is going to elbow him so hard in the face he’ll have to shit his nose out in a month. Jon Jones via KO R2

scissors61: Jones will tell on you if you smoke that sweet cheeba, and Bader looks like he just got done prowling the streets of Phoenix for meth-addicted sorority girls willing to gangbang his frat brothers. None of that has any bearing on this fight, so Bones by TKO in the second round.

Reverend Clint: Both have beaten guys who either should have been or have already been fired by the UFC, so not the best of the best. I see Bader taking this to the ground, he is better at wrastlin’ than Water Noggin, and grinding on Jonny. Ryan Bader via Humping

Grappo: I can’t be objective about anyone that trains with CB Dollaway. I have to root for their failure. Luckily my head and my heart are in sync with this one.  Bones with the TKO.

Rodriguez: Confused about people’s opinion on this one. Bader’s last two opponents have victories over Jones’ last two opponents, but the general consensus is still that it will be a blowout. Hype hype hype. Will this be another David Terrell type of self-implosion or will Jones live up to being the love child of Anderson Silva and Fedor like everyone thinks he is? Hell if I know. No pick.

dulljake: Ryan Bader is a guy who is so inconsistent in the cage, you can’t recognize him from round to round. Jones, on the other hand, is a fucking machine who seems to be unstoppable. I think Bader is going to be surprised as hell once he faces him, and the shock itself will make him turtle like a bitch. Jon Jones TKO in Rd2.


Fightlinker: The only way for Miguel Torres to lose this fight is if he knocks himself out on Banuelos’s fist. Since this already happened against Brian Bowles, it’s not impossible. But it’s pretty unlikely. Miguel Torres via R3 submission.

scissors61: In this epic match-up of Messican-ass handlebar ‘stache vs. Messican-ass mullet   I will take the mullet, Miguel Torres by entertaining but lopsided decision.

Reverend Clint: Miguel, Miguel you seemed so unstoppable! But then you met fighters of above average ability. Antonio you are probably best known as Chuck Liddell’s bitch. This seems like a gimme fight for Miguel but you just never know with him anymore. With the UFC expansion into the Latino wallet (do Mexicans use wallets?), either fighter winning would be a boon for the UFC. But it’s probably gonna be Miguel Torres via tko rd 2

Grappo: This is going to be awesome.  Banuelos can take it, but I’ve got Torres rallying, probably late in the fight after the mustachioed munchkin loses some steam. Miguel Torres by TKO.

Rodriguez: I swear to Superman, I am gonna kill someone at Zuffa if BOTH of these guys don’t come out to Mariachi music. Diego Sanchez doesn’t even speak Spanish and he was given a full live band at UFC 69. I believe this is the first time two Mexicans are fighting each other in the UFC. Let’s bust out our sombreros and burritos in celebration! Yo pienso el mexicano con la pelo divertidos, treinta – veintisiete decisión.


Fightlinker: I don’t know how the UFC plans to invade Japan when they keep throwing their Japanese fighters to the wolves. Stylistically, it can’t get much worse for Omigawa here. Chad Mendes via being on top the entire fight.

scissors61: Everybody knows if two Japanese guys are fighting on the same UFC card one of ’em is going to lose, and I already picked Yamamoto sooo… Chad Mendes by ‘murrican-style decision.

Reverend Clint: I’m gonna go with my gut and say the japanese fighter loses. Chad Mendes via Unanimous Decision

Grappo: Omigawa has racked up a string of really nice wins, but good old American wrestling is going to fuck him in his shiny hairless ass.  Chad Mendes by decision.

Rodriguez: Michihiro “OMG” Omigawa dissappointed everyone with his first run in the promotion, especially by inventing a cure for narcolepsy with Thiago Tavares in his last showing. He won’t have the judges in his pocket now that he’s back in the UFC. Expect Mendes to double leg Michi out of his corrupt Japanese safety zone and into the losers’ circle (which kinda looks like a Sega Activator). Chad Mendes by 30-28 decision.


Fightlinker: This is fight that screams “HEY EVERYONE OMG LOOK HOW GREAT DONALD CERRONE IS!” Because the gods of MMA hate that kind of set up, I’m calling Paul Kelly via terrible decision after Cerrone spends too much time working off his back. Suck on that, UFC.

scissors61: Donald Cerrone wins this one by submission in the 3rd and gives Clint an extra something to complain about for a week or two. Yee-haw!

Reverend Clint: This one is tough since I don’t hid my disdain for all things cowboy. With that said I pick Cerrone based on the fact that he is a better fighter, which is why they are throwing him Kelly. Cerrone has only been beaten by then current WEC Champions while Kelly has lost to Marcus Davis and that guy who called out Obama. Kelly will put up a good fight but lose. The Gaucho via Decision

Grappo: Kelly is the type of fighter that Cowboy eats for breakfast. Donald Cerrone by submission.


Rodriguez: Cowboy knows that he doesn’t have to worry about losing his job as long as he’s entertaining. So how do you beat a man without fear? The Kingpin and Bullseye know, but Paul Kelly is neither of them. Cowboy is gonna be like a tornado in the new big Octagon, and Kelly is gonna be his trailer park. Cowboy by submission, round 1.

dulljake: Kelly is one of those guys that’s been hanging on forever without actually accomplishing much … he’s been fighting for the UFC since 2008 for God’s sake. While Cerrone seems to like to toy with guys rather than finish them, I just don’t see Kelly bringing anything to the table that we haven’t already seen before. I know the UFC likes to keep a couple middling UK guys around, but apart from that there’s little reason to bet on the Brit unless you like to lose money. Donald Cerrone via Decision


Fightlinker: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the sauna. We already know how that turned out. Paul Taylor vs Gabe Ruediger cracking under the pressure as usual.

scissors61: Do I give a fuck about this fight? Hell naw. Do I still love making fun of Gabe Ruediger? Hell yeah. Paul Taylor puts the proverbial colonic hose in Ruediger’s ass for a 2nd-round TKO and serves up a win that’s as ” target=”_blank”> a breakfast fortress to keep the haters out and takes this one by submission in the 2nd round.

Grappo: Seems like Robertson’s got a good submission game, but Pierce is an unsubbable monster with a lot of experience against legit opponents in the big show.  Pierce by dominating, yet still fucking boring decision.

  • ghostboner says:

    I’ll take swords for 8000. I got:

    Ellen Burger
    Torres (but damned if I don’t love both these dudes)
    Mighty Mouse
    The guy who didn’t jizz on sushi

  • Letibleu says:

    Now THAT’S a staff picks post. I had to take a nap half way through the read and when I woke up, I wanted to finish it. Great job guys. This time I won’t go to Ryan’s house and get drunk with him because on the last radio show he complained that he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    This card has FUCKING AWESOME written all over it.

  • scissors61 says:

    No pick.

  • Grappo says:

    for the record, subo picked Kelly over Cerrone by 1st rd KO

  • Letibleu says:

    LOL. I think Subo wants to get into Cerrone’s sister’s pants. Now that she has a broken/sprained ankle, he will finally get her because she can no longer run away from him.


  • frickshun says:


  • Rodriguez says:

    I’m gonna call Puck to spit in that GIF’s face, then the forum’s gonna have a house meeting where it gets kicked out.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Why would Cerrone’s sister want Subo (a weed smoking, unemployed loser)?

  • G Funk says:

    ^Bam! Butters getting vicious!

  • scissors61 says:

    Belfort says he cut 30 fucking pounds on twitter, his biggest cut ever. I sure hope that’s just some psychological warfare aimed at Silva’s camp and not the truth.

  • Grappo says:

    that would make a nice header pic for this post lol


  • scissors61 says:

    Jones/Bader was pretty intense too. Bones looked fucking pissed.

  • Grappo says:

    and Bader looked like fuckin Sling Blade

  • frickshun says:

    Mmm hmm. I like them fried taters!!

  • Rodriguez says:

    Will there be a Jackass/UFC tie-in?

  • scissors61 says:

    Yup, it’s called “Chael Sonnen’s next fight” 

  • Grappo says:

    Couple more from before I got tired of hitting Prt Scr



  • ghostboner says:

    Mmmmmmm. Taters…..

  • Billytk says:

    Just watching the weigh ins now and I noticed Ariany is subtly asserting her position and wanting to be the “alpha” again.

  • G Funk says:

    Anderson & Vitor were totally eskimo kissing.

    You guys are letting your dislike of Silva to a cloudy prediction. Silva will rape Vitor’sass pussy.

  • Letibleu says:

    G Funk, the name Eskimo is very offensive. An ‘Eskimo’ is to an Inuit what ‘Nigger’ is to glassjawsh (see ‘made/ruined your day’ forum topic).


    Grappo, I missed the weigh ins, I thought that pic of Anderson and the mask was photoshopped and I was about to send out major props for the amazing job on that. I then saw the gif and forgot to breathe again for a few seconds. The winner of the stare down between Anderson and Vitor is definitely Joe Rogan who I think also forgot to breathe for a few seconds.

    This is Grappo’s gif:

  • Rikers says:

    No pick= FAIL!

    Why even include your opinion?

  • iamphoenix says:

    someone masturbates to staredowns.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    “Silva’s been fighting scrubs”
    If you want to talk about fighting scrubs…Since 2007, Vitor has fought Rich Franklin, Matt Lindland, and Terry Martin. THAT’S IT. Vitor shouldn’t be in this fight. The last opponent of any worth he fought was Dan Henderson in 2006, and he lost. It’s hard to say Vitor really reinvented himself when these are his opponents…

    Vitor has a punchers chance in this fight, but if it becomes a technical striking battle, Anderson’s going to win 9/10.

    “Layoffs are a killer in MMA”
    I expect more from you Rod. You use Griffin’s 15 month lay off to justify Franklin winning, yet Vitor hasn’t fought since sept 2009. Right around 15 months.

    Other than that, good write up.

  • scissors61 says:

    HYHYPT has a pretty valid point about the “scrubs” line, I gotta say. Although I don’t consider Rich Franklin a scrub, Terry Martin and Lindland are definitely towards that end of the MMA spectrum. Lindland wasn’t back in the early-to- mid-aughts, but he’s grown horrifically prone to getting knocked out cold and Martin has never really impressed me. 


  • Blackula Jonez says:

    “Layoffs are a killer in MMA”
    I expect more from you Rod. You use Griffin’s 15 month lay off to justify Franklin winning, yet Vitor hasn’t fought since sept 2009. Right around 15 months.


    Thats selective logic if i’ve ever seen it. So…what happens to the jackal with the most incorrect predictions?

    After hearing hearing Bill Burr eat crow after the Pats imploded against the Jets, I am convinced a sports fans character and moral fiber can only be measured by how they react to their guy/team losing. And even though I think Andypants is starting his athletic decline, I have little faith in Vitor past the first 3 mins of a fight.

  • scissors61 says:

    lol, Rogan’s lizard brain clicked into gear during that faceoff. This is some primitive shit right here:


  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Dana: Jesus fucking christ  joe, I have my hands full keeping two brazilians from killing each other before the ppv and I got you poking me with the fucking mic.


    Joe:…Sorry boss man, it’s not the mic, just got a fight boner….no homo.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    All lame attempts at humor aside, Rogans face is the best description of not only the main event but the entire card.


    My enthusiasm for this card can only be described with gutteral mutterings, shadow boxing and pelvic thrust.


    Haven’t been this amped up for mma since Lesnar vs Cain, the promise of guaranteed violence from high level mixed martial artist is a truly awesome thing.

  • Rodriguez says:

    Rogan needs to do an all MMA podcast


  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Watching him lurk like a hyena or jackal is awesome.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Big Black-I was just thinking that…except i don’t remember the last card i was this pumped about. Probably a WEC card. Either way, should be a fun night. How could you not be excited when Anderson Silva is fighting? Especially an aggressive fighter, usually spells knockout.

  • scissors61 says:

    My enthusiasm for this card can only be described with gutteral mutterings, shadow boxing and pelvic thrust.

    I know, right? Honestly, if you took a picture of me during a high-level main event like this or when one of my favorite fighters is competing my face would probably look exactly the same. It’s some fucking caveman shit. 

  • Reem.Hadouken says:

    Picking belfort is for fucking retards.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^so you’re saying you picked belfort.

  • SST says:

    eye pik bitor ko

  • ghostboner says:

    Awww, shit, I look like a caveman all the time. Rogan’s stare is just straight up Dateline NBC. I recall seeing him do that same stare at a guest ring girl too. If I knew how to use the dam intronet I’d post that pic.

    Grappo that Billy Bob pic is priceless. You just won.

  • subo says:

    phoenix, i laughed.  Well done.

  • MadMan says:

    Was that Joe Rogan or Travis Bickle?

  • MadMan says:

    silva, franklin, bones and ellenberger….no-brainers

    Edit: I also like the guy that has a sister that subo knows…by armbar.

  • iamphoenix says:

    yay i got subo’s acceptance.

  • Letibleu says:

    Is there a way to mute or hide any one users comments so that I dont have to read anything from them again? Reem.Hadouken’s every comment hurts my eyes. I am convinced he is an immature 14 year old that thinks he is cool and can hang.

  • frickshun says:

    I hired a Portugese/English lip reader to tell me what Andy said to Victor:

    “The password is……FIDELIO”

  • islandguy says:

    Ok I changed my mind. Anderson via 2nd round TKO

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Some of my picks didn’t make it

  • scissors61 says:

    I got the round wrong but damned if I didn’t get the “hype-restoring” part right.