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UFC 125 Quick Thoughts

  • Phil Baroni needs to hang it up or only fight on Fight Nights/foreign shows.
  • It was almost too satisfying to watch Marcus Davis get KTFO’d, and i actually enjoy his fights.
  • Gomi needs to either work on his cardio or not try to stay at Guido’s methhead retard pace. He gassed and looked like shit in the 2nd round.
  • Clay Guida is effective in confusing his opponents into doing dumb shit since he cant strike worth a damn. His overhand right if it had actually connected would have more than likely broken his own hand. His kicks were nice though.
  • Nate Diaz really had nothing for Kim for 80% of the fight.
  • Brandon Vera is a disgrace in the cage. I did like how he was able to poke fun at his newly reconfigured face though. He should ask new UFC ring girl Brittany palmer got her work done since it looks pretty cheap.
  • I don’t know how Thiago Silva didn’t fnish Vera! He was fighting a crash test dummy.
  • Chris Leben went a little to animal on Stann and got caught pretty bad. I do have to give it to either Leben, or Rosenthal, since Chris just kept getting back up even after the horrendous beating.
  • Maybe now Manhard and Dance Dance Revolution will learn how to finish. This is why you don’t leave it in the hands of the incompetent judges. 48-46 Edgar? In what Bizzaro World? I gave the fight to Maynard because he was the only guy in there actively trying to win and was the only guy who actually came close to winning. Don’t give me the old “but Edgar is technical” line. No you are technically retarded. He couldn’t finish his wife if she had a head start with Mandingo.
  • It was probably the most if not the only really entertaining fight either of these guys have been in.
  • Overall I would give this card a B only because: a Diaz lost, there were some nice KO’s, a good submission, and neither Edgar nor Maynard won.
    • Schrute Boxe says:

      edgar-maynard was a great suspenseful fight and the clearest case of a draw in the sport in recent memory.

    • Billytk says:

      wow and here I thought it was only subo that made shitty posts with such bad opinions stated as fact

    • iamphoenix says:

      The best thing out of this whole card was silva playing drums on vera’s back. I also liked the part where he karate chopped and slapped vera’s stupid face.

    • SHORT_BUS says:

      Writing stuff like that tells me someone’s bucking for a position at Bloody Elbow…….

    • katch22 says:

      48-46 for edgar had edgar losing the first 10-8 and winning the others-which i agree with. the third was close, i thought frankie won on the feet and the take down that gray got he did nothing with. im a firm believer (like a born again with a hard on) that takedowns with nothing done should be negated especially when it ended with his head in a tight guillitine choke.

      this post was a poor attempt to be funny.

      i thought edgar won, but i had no problem with the judges. i am the first to jump on a judge’s back when the decision is terrible. this was a fight that could have gone either way and the score cards correctly showed that.

    • fil says:

      He couldn’t finish his wife if she had a head start with Mandingo.

      That was awesome.

    • shillyer says:

      It is obvious how this could have been 46-48 both ways. two round were obviously frankies 2 round wen to maynard but barely in my opinion maynard had the first. any score between 48-46 will be good.

      I’m high

    • Blackula Jonez says:

      Enjoyable main card action, draws suck but this one was appropriate.

      Leben and Edgar took some of the worst damage I’ve seen in mma, but since Edgars beatdown took place in a title fight he was given even more leeway before the ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

      This fight reinforces the need for more 5 round fights amongst high level mixed martial artist.

    • Blackula Jonez says:

      Come the fuck on Clint, Edgar was the dominant grappler, had more sub attempts and fought like he knew he was losing but still not leaving too many openings for him to be taken out by Maynards surprisingly lethal left hand.

    • Blackula Jonez says:

      I like how everyone was shitting on guida for being some kind of boring lay and pray artist. Then STILL SHIT ON HIM for confusing Gomi and throwing off his striking before submitting him.

      Don’t know who are more ruled by emotion: the religious, women or mma/sports fans.

    • subo says:

      I think that was a draw.

      BREAKING: Pettis put off in favor of Edgar/Maynard rematch, Randy possible as Machida’s next opponent, GSP/Shields in Toronto rumored

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      I’d give Gray 1 and 3. Edgar 2, 4, and 5.

      Depending on how much you gave gray round 1 it’s probably still a draw.

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      Two boring fighters together = great fight. Who woulda thought it.

      Lulz at McKee.

      Leban looked like baked over shit in his dressing room, and came off slow in the first minute. Props to stann. I actually sat next to a guy who trained Stann in the army in pennsylvania. I told him I’m not much of a patriot and was pulling for Leban we had a nice chat about it.

      Vera looked ok on his feet, and I think the ref should have stood them up through most of round 1 and 2. But Silva is a beast and looked great.

      Goddamn Gomi. Goddamn you. Fuck Guida.

      Also, the crowd in the bar cheered loudest when they showed the replay of the Pettis kick and when Vera showed his nose.

      Not having Pettis in the next fight is massive stupidity. He’s probably their biggest draw after Lesnar right now.

    • iamphoenix says:

      main card blew

    • Blackula Jonez says:

      the Edgar/Maynard first round could be a 10-7 if such a thing exist.

      One of the few times where I was stunned at the amount of punishment another homo sapien could absorb and not lose consciousness.

      Bones took Vera’s soul and T. Silva made him his bitch. One of the most emasculating beatdown’s I have ever seen. Who knew slaps could be so demeaning.

      Lil Diaz shows that he still has problems with dominant top position grapplers and Stun Gun will be in trouble when he gasses in the 3rd frame against someone with good cardio, TD, and ko power.

      Poor Phil Baroni & Chris Leben

      McKee better step his game up if he wants to stick around.

      Davis needs to hang it up, how can an ex pro boxer get flatlined on the feet so many times.

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      Also massive fucking LULZ at josh fucking Grispi.

      Did any idiots say he could beat ALDO?

      Woulda been a brutal KO for Aldo’s first UFC fight.

    • Blackula Jonez says:

      just put up a fanpost on BE about the recent featherweight fights that took place over the weekend

      5 of the top ten fighters lost, a couple of them to guys not even in the top 25.

      Brown,Grispi,Bibi,Sandro and Kanehara must not like fighting on new years weekend or something.

    • subo says:

      Stun Gun looked awesome.
      “Maynard and Edgar is going to suck!” – every whiny bitch MMA fan before tonight
      GUIDA GUIDA GUIDA, have him fight Pettis while he waits
      Gray started headhunting like a motherfucker after the first, he’ll win the third – this could be a four fight series if it’s 1-1-1 after the third
      Vera’s had a brutal three fight streak but paying him that much to beat noobs is indefensible.

      Oh, and military fighters always fail YOU FUCKING IDIOT

    • subo says:

      Oh, and either one of these guys would destroy Gilbert Melendez.

    • iamphoenix says:

      how did the korean douche stun look awesome?

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      You still picked brock over cain.

      You fail forever.

    • subo says:

      You still picked your personality over any other.

      I just missed a fight prediction.

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      i’m not sure what that means.. but I guess arguing about fighters on mma blogs determines your personality?

      You still live with your mother don’t you?

      I guess your personality of endless ufc kissass makes sense though to the moma’s boy persona.

      BTW guida still sucks. Gomi’s terrible terrible submission defense doesn’t make him a world beater.

    • thingvolds says:

      dont know what fight you were watching, but edgar clearly won the fight i saw. someone mustve scored the first 10-7? he out punched and out landed maynard, scored a bunch of takedowns, and stuffed a bunch for good measure.

      baroni is a bum, always has been

      gomi doesnt seem to give a shit anymore, its sad.

      stann is alpha as fuck

      diaz puts stun gun away if that fight was 5 rounds

      the vera and palmer quote was actually clever. her tits do look square or something. ive had my nose busted like that, and it cost almost 10k to get it all straightened out.

    • flamingmo says:

      “I gave the fight to Maynard because he was the only guy in there actively trying to win and was the only guy who actually came close to winning. Don’t give me the old “but Edgar is technical” line. No you are technically retarded.”

      apart from the several shots square on the jaw he landed, the guillotine in round 3? And how can you not just appreciate how awesome this fight was

      You sir are the idiot. Subo, please exclusively take control of post fight comments.

    • Oontyex says:

      round 1 was 10-8 to maynard, but all other i felt were 10-9 to edgar, i could have seen the 3rd as a 10-10, but all that happened was edgar patting him and a shitty takedown that put maynard into a guilottine, hard to count that as control or ‘effective’ grappling.

      edgar is used to stealing rounds by being a humming bird patting people, and maynard is used to stealing rounds via a takedown that leads to nothing. Hard to judge ‘effective striking’ based on hits that land but do no damage, and ‘effective grappling’ where the person has stuffed 90% of your takedowns and pops up straight away – taking no damage from the times his butt technically hits the ground.

      rounds 1 the fight almost ended, and those couple guillotine attempts looked really close :)

      This was one of the most exciting fights ive watched :) edgar showed so much heart taking a terrible beating in the 1st and coming back to retain his belt!!

    • Symbul says:

      Y’all are unedumacated. Diaz clearly deserved to win the second (as well as third) round against DHK. Stun Gun did nothing whatsoever in that round with his top control except defend and reaffirm position and in the brief time they were on the feet he got lit up.

      Edgar-Maynard fight wasn’t all that after the first round. Seriously, rewatch rounds 2-5 without the beatdown in round one to up your heart rate and then tell me that was a fight for the ages.

    • frickshun says:

      Clint–>as much as I love you like a stepson…..ur a jerk & we can no longer be friends.

      Edgar won rds 2, 4 & 5. That earned him a draw. Just like against BJ, he’ll learn to avoid Greis’ left hook & outpoint the shit out of him to properly defend his title next time.

      The fight was the most exciting title fight I’ve ever seen. The suspense was gutwrenching. How can you not cheer for Little Mac…..I mean Francis Edgar?!

    • Reverend Clint says:

      #1 I don’t think I ever said the fight sucked in fact I said it was one of the reasons I liked the card.
      #2 I gave Maynard rd 1, 3, and 5. 3 and 5 were very close but he seemed be there a little more. Also he was closest to finishing which in my opinion should be the #1 thing judges look at if a fight goes all the way.
      As a draw i dont really care but I do care that another title fight went the distance because both fighters can’t finish for shit.
      #3 “apart from the several shots square on the jaw he landed, the guillotine in round 3?” I can ask why edgar would get the nod?
      #4 short_bus I would eat my shotgun before working for BE
      #5 I was shitting on Guida for not really doing anything with his strikes, the kick however were every effective and really fucked gomi.

    • Billytk says:

      #4 After rereading your original post I think I like the shotgun idea

    • Letibleu says:

      What happened to just enjoying a fun card? It was a great watch. The prelims were cool, the main card had a few surprises, all the fights were fun to watch for various reasons and the main event was one to remember.

      I had Maynard winning 46-48 watching it live. After seeing the compuwhatever it’s called numbers, it shows Edgar the clear winner. It just sucks that in 4 LW title fights there have only been 2 contenders.

      McKee. LOL.

    • P W says:

      If Maynard couldn’t put Edgar away in first round (that was one hell of a beating he withstood), there was simply no way he was gonna do it in any of the later rounds – that was my train of thought. Since Edgar is a decision machine I didn’t have much (any, to be perfectly honest) that he’d manage to finish Maynard. I literally fell asleep sometime around the third round and woke when they announced the draw.

    • mmariusp says:

      Also he was closest to finishing which in my opinion should be the #1 thing judges look at if a fight goes all the way.

      They judge each round separate don´t they?

      The thing you are talking about is called Ippon and and is the Japanese judging criteria.

    • frickshun says:

      I thought the Jap judging criteria is called “payola”?

    • P W says:

      “Also he was closest to finishing which in my opinion should be the #1 thing judges look at if a fight goes all the way.”

      I’d go so far to say it’s the ONLY criterion that makes sense.

    • Reverend Clint says:

      ^im glad im not the only one

    • frickshun says:

      Nonsense. If that’s the case, there should be no scoring. Only KO / subs.

    • GypsyCurse says:

      ^is that really such a bad idea? i fucking hate watching decision machines…

    • subo says:

      Jesus. I can’t imagine falling asleep during that fight. You guys are watching the sport for different reasons than I am.

    • GypsyCurse says:

      Also, I don’t know how anyone could have found the title fight exciting, beyond maybe the first four minutes. A frankie edgar/gray maynard fight going the distance? who’d a thunk it?! Frankie Edgar, dancing around the outside, landing pillow punches and doing nothing with his takedowns? Wow, what a spectacle! Gray Maynard, too slow and too tired to connect with Edgar or get takedowns? Didn’t see that one coming!

      It’s egregious that it won FOTN rather than the awesome return of Thiago Silva. Now THAT was fucking entertaining.

    • mmariusp says:

      I’d go so far to say it’s the ONLY criterion that makes sense.

      ^im glad im not the only one

      It Would make sense, but the ten point must judge the fight round by round and not the fight overall, so how the hell can you make the argument that Maynard won the fight based on that then?

      After Rampage vs Griffin it was the same stupid arguments over and over again.

      Oh, and either one of these guys would destroy Gilbert Melendez.

      How do you know that?

    • glassjawsh says:

      ufc 125 was meh – I can’t believe i sat through Gomi – Guida and Silva – Vera. maybe im just still amped from Dynamite!!

      at least there will be Silva – Belfort, Jones – Bader, and Griffin – Franklin in Feb to get me to care about the UFC again, because i also don’t give a crap about Fight for the Troops 2.

      oh well

      also, no clue where the clint hate is coming from, his illiteracy adds to his charm

    • Reverend Clint says:

      i get flack for my poor spelling but when people write drunken rants they don’t get any even though 75% of it make absolutely no sense. plus this new system is kinda gay as you have to click and de click something to get a spell checker.

    • frickshun says:

      Fuckspleel chekz

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      Subo – masterbation isn’t a good reason to watch MMA.

    • Reverend Clint says:


    • flamingmo says:

      round 1 10-8, 2 10-9 Edgar, 3 10-10, 4 10-9 Edgar, 5 10-9 Edgar. Though I’ve got no issue with a draw if you want to give the third 10-9 Gray.

      Edgar outboxed Gray in every round after the first when Gray started headhunting

    • subo says:

      Does everyone have a piece of shit browser that can’t tell when your tenth grade vocabulary misspelled masturbation? Go with ‘baitin next time.

    • Reem.Hadouken says:

      Master was used deliberately to imply you are gosu black belt of self gratification to sweaty mma guys.