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UFC 119 begins to take an old, familiar shape

I always expect him to go down. Every time.

I’ve been burned by them before, but call it wishful thinking – I want this news to be true, and thus I share it with all of my ill-begotten PRIDE bastard children and Japanophiles (and New Zealand-ites, if such a thing exists, as WordPress is confused and dismayed by the word “Zealand”): [ed note: eww] has recently learned of two additional heavyweights with the potential to make an impact in the UFC, as a bout between K-1 and PRIDE veteran Mark Hunt and the undefeated Sean McCorkle looks to be brewing for UFC 119.

5 Oz was recently informed of the UFC’s discussions with both athletes along with the likely match-up of Hunt vs. McCorkle through sources close to the promotion.

McCorkle is undefeated, yes, but his most recent – and seemingly most “impressive” – win came against professional Napoleon impersonator Johnathan Ivey. If you Wikipedia “Johnathan Ivey”, you get a pretty decent list of people that have beaten him, including Jimmy Ambriz, Sam Hoger, Gan McGee and Travis Fulton. So yes, McCorkle is undefeated, but so is Bobby Lashley – it’s what we like to refer to as a “soft” or “bullshit” undefeated.

Hunt, on the other hand, is 5-6 and on a five fight losing streak (including two straight to non HW’s in Manhoef and Mousasi), but damnit all to hell, he beat a prime Cro Cop and a prime Wanderlei, and his three fight HW losing streak is to Josh Barnett, Fedor and Overeem. I can see him putting a middling fighter’s kneecap in the cheap seats.

And for the maaaaaain event of the evening, a rematch that should have our aforementioned FEG hags squirming in their chairs: Big Nog has been granted (one of) his wish(es) and will fight Frank Mir in a rematch of their UFC 92 tilt for the interim title fight. Remember that? How close we were to seeing Nog-Lesnar?

You think I’m done twerking your PRIDE? This card called for twice the amount of Nog originally required, so Darth Bader will face off against Lil “Jason Brilz Should Have Won” Nog. That’s Big Nog, Lil Nog and Mark Hunt – all on a UFC card in Two Thousand and Ten. God, I love it.