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UFC 117 flirting with seven digit PPV numbers

Props to Chael Sonnen for making us give a shit about his title fight against Anderson Silva (and then backing up his smack with hard work in the cage). I hope the UFC gave him an extra big backroom bonus because he certainly deserves it based on the initial numbers UFC 117 did on PPV. Here’s Bryan Alvarez via Bloody Elbow:

[T]he show is trending just slightly under the Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans show, which did about 1 million buys. Dana White on Saturday night said his early trending info had him ecstatic and was pointing to the biggest Anderson Silva fight of all time. Keep in mind the previous biggest Anderson fight was versus Forrest Griffin, which did about 900,000. The feeling from the UFC side Monday was that it’s likely going to finish at around a million buys or maybe just underneath that.

Alvarez factored in around 200,000 buys as a result of UFC 116 being awesome  – there was a similar bump after UFC 100 too … big cards that deliver seem to carry fans over, whodathunkit? But even 700k is really good when you consider Anderson was only pulling around 350,000 buys during the Rich/Dan/Travis/Nate destruction days. It’s also really good after that ‘sky is falling’ period at the beginning of this year when the UFC’s first three pay per views were sitting around 200,000 to 300,000 buys a piece.