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UFC 116 quick thoughts

-There’s usually nothing that drives me more nuts than seeing two great jiu jitsu guys going all punch-out on me, but George Sotiropoulos vs Kurt Pellegrino still managed to be pretty decent despite a distinct lack of juicy jiu jitsu.

-There’s two ways to look at Bonnar vs Soszynski: the glass half empty way where you say who gives a shit about Bonnar beating a meh journeyman like Soszynski and the glass half full way where you lavish Bonnar with praise for the heart and determination he showed in beating a meh journeyman like Soszynski.

-It’s like Chris Lytle just realized going for submissions of the night is an easier alternative to engaging in brutal three round wars. Too bad he didn’t count on Brock Lesnar learning some jitz. Still, that was the kind of shit I’d expect to see from Shinya Aoki, not Chris freaking Lytle.

-Sure, Japanese MMA takes a big hit with Akiyama losing to go-nowhere guy like Chris Leben but ignoring that narrative it was a fucking awesome fight and I commend both guys for just going at it nonstop on the feet and on the ground. FOTN. And yeah, Wand vs Leben sounds pretty good right now.

-Holy shit, a major main event fight that lived up to the hype! Anyone who bet big money on that fight either loves or hates Josh Rosenthal right now. Everyone at Zuffa must be very happy. Lesnar / Carwin 2 is going to make a buttload of money.

(pic from Cagewriter’s excellent fight by fight coverage)