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UFC 115 weigh-in notes

For the record, everyone made weight unless I bring it up – I’ll note what the heavyweights come in at

* I hope Ricardo “I stole De La Hoya’s nickname” Funch gets the braids beaten out of his hair
* Wilks surprised me with how well he hung with Mattbrown – Sobotta is in for a test
* Miranda comes in at 187 – Rogan says “bring out the towel and hide the ring girls”
* 186 after stripping, Mario Miranda makes weight
* It’s still awesome watching The Crow come on the stage
* Loiseau looks good – good on Zuffa for immediately giving him another shot
* I also hope Matt Wiman beats Mac Danzig into the minors
* “Handsome” Matt Wiman? He looks like Michael Bisping fucked Matt Lindland.

* A derobed Wiman makes 156, Rogan makes another “heavy underwear” joke
* Three guys have now initially weighed in over – Danzig is at 157 (too much tofu?)
* Rogan: “It’s Chippendales night up in this bitch”
* 156 for Danzig now – the worst winner of TUF in history, imo
* Damn, Tyson is giving up a lot of height to the undefeated Dunham
* Thiago/Kampmann is my early frontrunner for FOTN
* Man, Dana looks nervous every time someone stands on the scale
* Carlos “I Jobbed Jake Ellenberger” Condit has a very vocal cheering section
* Yvel comes in at a solid 243 while Rothwell is a surprisingly unflabby 264
* Yvel looks seriously unconcerned with Ben’s stand-up – should be a highlight either way
* 235 for Mirko versus 248 (!) for the sub 6′ Barry, whom does not earn 1 million points and controls his smile during the staredown
* I forgot how badly Rich kicked Travis Lutter’s ass. That was brutal.
* And both of the main-eventers are too dull and professional to warrant me watching their interviews.