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UFC 115 next in line for silver screen treatment

(Weak main event or not, just thank god it’s not *another* movie in 3D.)

No, this isn’t a poster for a new buddy comedy starring Jim Carrey and White Mr. T, it’s confirmation that UFC 115: “Liddell vs. Not-Tito” will be broadcast to movie theaters nationwide on June 12th:

Nice to see this little experiment getting done again. The reaction to UFC in theaters turned out very positive based on my and some other’s experience. It really did make the card feel like a much bigger deal. The spectacle of entrances, booming bass, the high definition – totally worth the $20 ticket. A fight like Franklin vs. Liddell is really one that needs a bit of muscle behind it, especially if they’re trying to get people into a theater to see it. We’re gonna have to see some serious, correct commercials for this thing that also promote the nice undercard you’ll be getting.

But if there’s one thing Zuffa could do, it’s get Amir Sadollah to record a little video before the event reminding people that it’s an extension of the “UFC Experience” (TM) and things like cheering, booing, clapping, the “>ol’ hole in popcorn bucket trick are all alright. It wasn’t more than halfway through the show when the packed theater I was at realized that stuff was totally fine. While I’m at it, play the Spike prelims before the Pay Per View starts instead of the countdown. C’MON! We already paid for the show, we can’t see them on the channel since we’re at the cinema early buying $12 medium soft drinks, and it caused us to miss a Nate Diaz fight, which is unacceptable.

It’s also either shocking or telling that 115 was chosen to play in theaters instead of 114. Rampage is in “The A-Team”, which comes out like ten days after his fight with Rashad Evans, and it’s apparently tracking to be a massive summer hit. You’d think Zuffa would do as much as possible to strap themselves to that gravy train whether Quinton is retiring or not. At least it’d be better than the Hostel 2 tie-in for Jackson vs. Liddell at UFC 71. What a piece of crap that movie was.