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UFC 114 Weigh-In Notes

UFC 114 Weigh-in notes

Fuck, Ryan’s been on a posting tear.  I have to get back to the grind.

* I’m a touch late and the first thing I see is Dana laughing at Aaron Riley’s cock.
* Note to self: don’t ever do these sober.
* DIABATE!!!! I hope he does better than Kang did.  I really do.
* Cane’s only got the one (real) loss to Lil Nog, and he’s looking pretty beast mode.  Cryill’s probably in trouble.
* Who the fuck is Waylon Lowe?
* Tell you what, Guillard’s going to have this guy Waylon all kinds of different ways (ba-dum-tss)
* This will be Guillard’s 56th fight.  That’s insanity.
* Dan “The Abandoned” Lauzon and… wait, did Escudero seriously put “Mexico” in his nickname?
* A fat BJ Penn impersonater accompanies Escudero to the stage.
* I think this is going to be a coming out party for Stun Gun.  He won that Karo fight before he got robbed/it was declared a NC.  And he beat Brown.  Dammit.
* And Amir comes in fat!  One pound over – and the ring girls again vacate the premises

* Sans shorts, Amir makes 171 – Joe says “someone needs to wash that underwear, that’s ridiculous”
* Russow/Duffee could be a before/after for some kind of fat-burning supplement.
* Could these bastards invest in a digital fucking scale at some point?
* Duffee is a fucking silverback.  253 for both he and Russow, but Russow kept his clothes on (I know the shame of flab)
* Ok, Hathaway looks like Harry Potter fucked Chris Martin.  I wish to rescind my previous picking of him in this fight.
* Please don’t do the “YUS” thing…
* …Goddammit, Diego!  I’m back to picking The Hitman (if he loses, have him fight Kampmann for rights to the nickname)
* Brilz v Nogueira makes more sense in civil claims court than in the Octagon… but everyone WAS booked.
* Man, Bisping’s boos start as soon as his name is read, then turn into cheers as his opponent walks out.  Awesome.
* Mikey flips off the crowd – the boos remain a constant, not caring
* Don’t say that, Rashad.
* Evans has gotten more mileage out of knocking out Sean Salmon than anyone could’ve expected
* Rampage is clearly the crowd favorite here
* What is “The Dolce Diet”?
* Superman tighty whities for Rampage – Chandella is clearly charmed
* No talking.  Just staring.
* Rashad is puzzled at the boos – Rogan is unable to sway them
* Rashad: “Just trying to stay relaxed… now it’s gametime”
* Rashad: “Just another fight”
* Rampage: “He’s DEAD!  Time for me to crack some skulls, tomorrow he’s DEAD!”
* Rampage: “I’m glad he talks so much, I’ma shut him up for real”
* Rampage dedicates the fight to Memphis and… the UFC?
* I wonder what Raw on Monday will be like when Rampage is coming off a loss (get on that, Rod)