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UFC 113 weigh-in notes

* Watching the crowd cheer for Macdonald made me smile. Good to have the athlete back.
* Holy shit, Zenko still works for the UFC? I guess if you take a fight against a 176 lb Rumble, they don’t hold the KO against you so much.
* Tim Hague at 266 – it’s rare to see a HW use the 1 lb, isn’t it?
* Grant/Hendricks could be a flat out war
* Tom Lawlor makes these things worth it – I might go as Dan Severn for Halloween now

* Holy shit, 56 professional fights for Doerksen. Other than Horn, that’s gotta be close to the record for a UFC fighter.
* Alan Belcher is kissing babies and throwing t-shirts and still getting booed mercilessly.
* The baby was wearing a ‘NapouT’ shirt. Adorable.
* And the crowd goes wild for Cote, owner of the most impressive 4-5 record in UFC history.
* Kimbo comes in at a svelte 225 – but he is JACKED. Can’t see him at 205.
* Oh, Koscheck. You are the American the rest of the world loves to hate.
* Dana’s long lost twin brother is standing behind Koscheck.
* They sure are playing up the ‘Shogun got jobbed’ angle, right down to including the horrified crowd reaction to the decision
* Shogun says he was disappointed in the judge’s decision but is ‘ready to show he’s a great champion’ in an excellent cliche’ sandwich
* The crowd boos the shit out of Lyoto like he judged the damn thing.
* Machida: ‘Great opportunity for me to show my job. Thanks everybody, the fight is chumorrow!’
* Rogan plugs his show at Metropolis ‘if anyone’s bored’