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UFC 110 numbers not so great either

More numerical bad news for the UFC: their last pay per view in Australia is currently being estimated at around 225,000 buys. But again: don’t panic yet, people! Foreign cards historically do a lot worse that domestic ones, something the UFC probably used to credit to time delays but might actually be caused by less domestic press. For a far-away card with no title fights, it’s still around the typical numbers. Just to give you some historical suckage context:

  • UFC 72: Crap-o-Rama in Ireland w/ Franklin vs Okami : 200,000
  • UFC 80: The Sacrifice in the UK w/ Penn vs Stevenson: 225,000
  • UFC 85: Gypsy Curse 1 in the UK w/ Hughes vs Alves: 215,000

I think a lot of people may be more shocked than they should be because they have such boners for PRIDE stars. What is the world coming to when Nog, Wanderlei, and Crocop don’t draw??? Just goes to show you that the hardcores aren’t the people that drive the MMA revolution. Also keep in mind that UFC 110 was the end of a brutal stretch of events for the UFC – over the past half year we’ve had all of TWO title defenses, and nothing to write home about. I’m pretty sure that shit has slowly worn down the fanbase. It’s too bad, because UFC 110 was the best UFC event in nearly two years if you ask me.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the UFC bounces back with UFC 111 at the end of the month. All I know is that March 27th can’t come soon enough.