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UFC 109 awards

Unfortunately for Mike Swick, submission of the night money only goes to the guy who lands the sub. UFC 109 awards are out and here’s who made some extra bank:

Knockout of the Night: Matt Serra ousts Frank Trigg
Submission of the Night: Paulo Thiago putting Mike Swick to sleep
Fight of the Night: Chael Sonnen humps Nate Marquardt

I had a little conniption fit last night when I thought they had awarded the sub of the night to Randy Couture (I could have sworn that’s what they said at the end of the PPV) but fortunately Paulo Thiago gets that award plus the 60k that goes along with it. And most importantly, of course, my respect.

KO of the night going to Serra makes sense not just because his knockout was awesome, but because it was the only one of the night other than Joey Beltran’s pounding out of the latest Gracie disappointment. By the way, does the ‘Mexicutioner’ Beltran get a bonus for having the most awesome nickname in MMA?

As for Fight of the Night, while Marquardt vs Sonnen wasn’t exactly what I’d classify as a dynamic or exciting fight, it did have me freaking the fuck out the whole time. I went through all five steps of grief during the fight – denial (“There’s no way the entire fight will be like this!”), anger (“That cunt Sonnen! Argh!”), bargaining (“Okay, so he’s going to win … but no title shot, right?”), depression (“Chael Sonnen is going to get a fucking title shot”), and acceptance (“Anderson Silva will cave Sonnen’s face in, and that’s acceptable to me”). And let’s face it, it’s not like this fight robbed any other amazing fight of the award.

We discussed on the last Happy Hour which fight would win our own ‘Worst Fight of the Night’ awards and while I was correct in thinking Tuchscherer vs Hague would be a terrible gas-fest, it wasn’t enough to beat out the awfulness that was Demian Maia vs Dan Miller. It was like Dan Miller’s gameplan was “Don’t get taken down” and he hadn’t really thought too far past that. That’s all he did for the entire fight, turning what should have been an awesome back and forth scrap into a horrible defensive bore. Terrible.

(Image via Sherdog’s photos of UFC 109)