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UFC 108 numbers are under 300k :-S

Dave Meltzer just released the PPV numbers for UFC 108 and it’s pretty ugly: an estimated 255k – 270k buys. At least after the sadness that was UFC 106’s 375k buyrate, the company had a pleasant surprise with UFC 107 doing 610k. But next up for the UFC is UFC 109 aka Battle of the Fogeys, which isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. I can’t see that one going below 300k, but I never imagined 108 would drop below there either.

To put things in perspective, these are the worst numbers a UFC PPV being held in North America has pulled since … well, since PPV numbers for UFC events started being tracked by MMA Payout with UFC 57. The last international event to underperform that badly was UFC 85 in London (June 2008) with 215k buys, and it not only had a similar gypsy curse thang going on but the standard time delay as well.

Funny enough, while the event’s PPV numbers blew, the prelim show on Spike did great: it hit 1.5 million people and was the best rated lead-in show yet. Hopefully no correlation (or just spiteful reaction) will be made over the great prelim show numbers and horrible PPV numbers…