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UFC 106 & WEC 44 Degenerate Gambling Odds

Another week and yet another chance to make a sound financial investment. But if there’s one thing you’ve learned about money in your time on this floating rock of misery, it’s that sound financial investments are for pussies. Real men take risks in situations where there’s absolutely no reason to do so.

A real man heads to the supermarket and buys more chicken pot pies than is safe or necessary, just because he saw a report on the news that they were about to be recalled for salmonella. A real man goes surfing in shark-infested waters with multiple open wounds on his legs, because fuck sharks. A real man bar-b-ques in the snow while wearing his favorite pair of Hawaiian shorts, because weather-appropriate attire, like sound financial investments, is for pussies.

If you’re a real man, then it’s time to gamble on some mixed martial arts. If not, make sure to pick up a box of douches on your way out. Here are the betting odds for UFC 106, courtesy of, with the main card odds for Wednesday’s WEC 44 and my half-assed analysis after the jump.

Tito Ortiz +125 vs. Forrest Griffin -155

Josh Koscheck -110 vs. Anthony Johnson -120

Phil Baroni +165 vs. Amir Sadollah -210

Karo Parisyan -110 vs. Dustin Hazelett -120

Kendall Grove +160 vs. Jake Rosholt -200

Mike Brown -130 vs. Jose Aldo EVEN

Leonard Garcia -110 vs. Manny Gamburyan -120

Karen Darabedyan +135 vs. Rob McCullough -165

Shane Roller +115 vs. Danny Castillo -145

Underdog pick: Phil Baroni. Sure, his recent run of fights include victories over seriously sub-par competition (sorry, Olaf) and a decision loss to Joe “Inconsistent as Fuck” Riggs, but I think there’s more to consider here. Baroni hits fucking hard. Really hard. And considering the fact that he’s spent the past few years waiting to get back to the UFC, I have to think he’s trained like never before in preparation for this fight. Baroni sounds focused and matured to the point where he knows what’s on the line here. Sadollah is durable as fuck and never out of a fight, but at +165 against an opponent whose still practically a rookie, I’ve got to think Baroni is a decent gamble.

Too Close to Call: Koscheck vs. Johnson. Both guys are incredibly athletic. Both guys are very strong. Both guys have legitimate knockout power. Both guys are well rounded. This one is going to come down to who doesn’t make a mistake. If Johnson wins, Koscheck will officially give his keys to the contender condo to Johnson, while relocating himself to the high-level gatekeeper apartment building. If Koscheck wins and does so impressively, he could find himself one high profile victory away from a title shot, and Johnson will have to begin the climb back up the mountain.

Too Close to Call #2: Brown vs. Aldo. Mike Brown has absolutely dominated upper level talent in his past few fights. Jose Aldo has torn through the WEC roster since his debut. Your guess is as good as mine.