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UFC 106 fantasy picks results

(Cliffnotes of the post: WE WIN.)

Last night was the big UFC 106 card that had it’s transmission fall off and bumper ran over on the way to fight night. It’s rare a first poster looks nothing like the final one, but it happened. We still got an awesome night of fights between the ‘controversial’ main-event, Anthony “Crumble” Johnson being choked out by Boss Koscheck, and Lil’ Nog putting Light-Heavyweights on notice (that includes you, Matt Hamill – you didn’t hear him but you saw it).

You know what else was great about yesterday? The train we ran on Bloody Elbow’s fantasy camp. They weren’t even the Lucky Pierre in the train, either. Just how much did we Turkey Slap them? (That’s a Thanksgiving joke.) We got 2.5% higher than their picks, and a whopping $141.37 more profit than them. It would have been MUCH higher had a certain few of you picked with logic and gone with Koscheck; especially a specific member that lost over ten grand on a parlay because of Johnson. Thanks. Congratulations to our MVP Funktard for coming in first for both points and earnings last night. Now that’s the kind of hustle and enthusiasm we wanna see here.

It’s about time that portion of smug, vociferously hateful elitists over at BE bow down to us like we’re Westside Connection. They had nothing on us. I’m sure there’s a litany of monocles on the floor with a disappointed Kid Nate shaking his head. This is actually their second loss in a row to us. We showed up with out tuxedo t-shirts and started cleaning house on all the people who think we’re a site full of jerks and trolls. Now they know what’s up: we’re a site full of SMART jerks and trolls.

And I just received a camp invitation request literally as I was typing this post. Our army smells blood. The beatings are only going to get more and more severe, Eugene, so you might as well just pre-rip your underwear to save yourself the pain and us the effort.

Full results can be found here for points and here for earnings, and you can follow this post’s instructions if you want to lend a hand in showing up the handful of jerks at Bloody Elbow.