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UFC 103 will be awesome

For those of you out there who are pussies, I’ve been drinking a bunch tonight. I came home to discover that the UFC had sent me an email concerning their September event in Dallas that has no main event yet. Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos is penciled in for the event so that would sort of work. Rich Franklin has been rumored for the event as well, although I find that unlikely if Cro Cop obtains the main event slot.

In any situation, this fucking card is awesome. The past few months have seen a multitude of events with superfight type main events that have helped the company obtain a million-plus buys on multiple occassions. This might not be one of them, but it’s completely badass nonetheless.

First, if Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos does actually wind up as the main event then we’ll have a lot to talk about. Aside from the obvious fact that a Cro Cop win would make him relevant once again while a Dos Santos win would cement him as a serious contender, another point that needs to be addressed is that Texas hate foreigners. I have never been to Texas but everyone I have ever met from there basically follows the same philosophy. To sum it up, America is the greatest country in the world, the right to bear arms (carry a gun) is the most important right we have, and people who weren’t born within the imaginary borders of the U S of A all deserve a slow death. Surely the Dallas crowd would be praying for a double knockout in a Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos fight — and boy would I enjoy the riot that follows that fight.And seriously, Texas is right: fuck foreigners, it’s not like they’re actually people anyway. I have often confused the guy who pumps my gas and the other guy who mows my lawn as Cro Cop. LOL. hE hE.

Aside from that, every other fight is completely badass. Trigg returning to the Octagon to fight top contender and president of the douche-hair-club Josh Koscheck? Awesome. Tyson Griffin and Hermes Franca paired together in a fight that will place the winner on the top of the lightweight ladder while sending the loser tumbling towards the bottom? Sweet. Efrain Escudero, TUF champ, fighting lightweight standout Cole Miller who has dispatched of the loudmouthed Junie Browning as well as WEC contender Leonard Garcia? Badass. Finally, Mike Swick going toe to toe with Dutch striker Martin Kampmann in a bout that will no doubt decide the next challenger for Georges St. Pierre’s welterweight title? FUCK. I. LOVE. FIGHTING.

Ladies and gentleman, the UFC is only getting more awesome by the day. 103 will no doubt be one of those cards that takes place inbetween the really huge ones, yet at the same time it’s going to be completely fucking awesome nonetheless. I simply don’t understand how people still watch baseball when mixed martial arts exists.