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UFC 103 prelims on Spike coverage

Drew McFedries vs. Tomaz Drwal

Round 1: *face palm* Someone in the truck messed up very bad. I sense a cut from the production roster this time. Drwal already breathing hard a minute in. Drwal almost with a German suplex. Drew landing full power with no reaction from Tomaz. Rogan points out Drew is fading already. Drwal goes for a choke to end the round.

Round 2: Drwal lands hard and powers into the clinch. Nice leg scissor trip into side control for Drwal. Rear naked choke for Tomaz. Looks like those punches set up the whole thing. Rogan still with the “Drew doesn’t look like himself” crap. The guy has fought on pay per view main cards and on Spike shows before, so cut that stuff out.

He’s so gassed that we can’t understand what he’s saying. It’s really funny.

Result: Drwal by submission in round one.

– So basically, “commercial free” to the UFC means they show the ads themselves. And here I was wondering how they’d fill up the hour with two fights and no commercials.

– Stupid Mike Goldberg – you don’t pronounce the letter “h” in the Spanish alphabet.

– Woo, another fight!

Rick Story vs. Brian Foster:

Round 1: Sounds like the Spanish announcers are going on in the background. Toughman brawl into an awesome throw by Story. Scramble up and Story gets another takedown against the cage. Arm Triangle by Story against the cage and Foster cuts him from the bottom with an elbow. Foster gets up and Story immediately takes him back down against the cage. Foster gets up and just bashes Story in the nose hardcore. These guys are throwing like they hate each other. Round ends with clinching against the cage.

Round 2: Story gets a takedown after cracking Foster pretty good with a 1-2. Somehow, Foster gets tapped with an arm triangle with Story in his full guard. Someone needs to buy this guy “101 Submissions” for Christmas.

– Doing this live play by play stuff sucks. I’m not gonna do it for the pay per view. Sorry guys.

– Rogan backstage with Rich Franklin. I wonder why Rich wanted a Saw VI poster right by the camera… Joe totally sucking up. Not saying much.

– Vitor has a chess board in his gym bag. Smart dude.

Efrain Escudero vs. Cole Miller

– Did Goldberg call Efrain “the brown Mexican” during the tale of the tape? Jeeze. Cole Miller just punched the camera. One of those guys is gonna get a black eye too many and shoot a fighter in the face.

Round 1: Something finally happens when Efrain drops Miller with a right hand. Miller lands his on right down the middle. Efrain hit the John Cena powerbomb and then smashed him with a left-right that he followed up with some strikes on the ground to KO Miller cold. DISGUSTING.

Result: Escudero by KO in round one.

– Escudero said he had dreams about Cole Miller. Must be some elated delirium.

– Is Marcus Davis coming out? Why else would they be playing “Jump Around”?

Jim Miller vs. Steven Lopez

Round 1:Both guys throwing in the pocket while Goldberg gives is a biography. Lopez walking forward with his hands behind his back. Gets dropped with a right by waves it off. Eye poke by Lopez makes me cry. Miller drops him hard with two hooks and gets on top. He’s still wincing. Gross guillotine by Miller that looks like the one his brother did in the IFL. Miller pounds him against the cage and it looks like he’s out but he’s not. Miller trying for a choke. Miller goes for a heel hook at the end of the round. Big beatdown.

Round 2: Lopez swinging hard. Lopez shoulder has come out and it’s gross. It looks like someone put a tent under his skin. Here’s a lesson, kids: don’t throw your punches so wide. His shoulder is making me sick.

Result: Miller by TKO in round 2.

– 6 minutes until the show! woo! Thanks for the countdown, Spike.

– OK guys, I guess the show is over. Enjoy the pay per view!