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UFC 101 quick notes

Overall last night’s event was the worst UFC event of the year. That’s not to say it was a total turd … the main event fights were good and it was pretty entertaining watching George Sotiropoulos jump through George Roop’s guard like a dog through a hoop. Past that though, Josh Neer didn’t seem to understand that it was HIS job to get Kurt Pellegrino off him, Ricardo Almeida did absolutely nothing on the ground except almost getting armbarred by Kendall Grove, Aaron Riley kept humping Shane Nelson against the cage instead of kicking his head off, and Amir Sadollah … him and James Irvin need to form a bad luck club.

The Silva / Forrest fight was about the goofiest shit I’ve ever seen, but it’s hard not to be impressed with Silva even though we’ve known forever that Forrest Griffin’s chin is made of glass. The outcome of this fight seemed obvious enough before, but Anderson Silva made the UFC look stupid for even putting it together.

BJ Penn came out pretty tentative for his fight against Kenny Florian. Whenever he went on the offensive he had Kenny in trouble but for some reason he didn’t really push all that hard until the fourth when he finally dumped Florian on his ass and finished him off. I chalk up the hesitation to the fact that he had just gotten his ass kicked in his last fight, but there’s no doubt about it: BJ Penn is far from being done.

We’ll bitch about the rest of the card Tuesday for the Low Blow but just like Jeopardy it will have to be done in the form of a question – it is mailbag time after all. Past that though, let’s never speak of the non-main events for this card again.