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UFC 100 weigh-in rocks the shiznit.

Jake Rossen points out the fact that when it comes to weigh-ins, we’re number one!

Would 5,000 people show up to watch Peyton Manning stare really, really hard at an opposing quarterback the day before a game?

There is no other major sport that attracts a crowd of thousands, television cameras, and media in order to witness some heavy tension, but here’s the exception: the UFC and their weigh-ins, which have by now become as accepted a ritual at events as getting drunk and nearly throwing up on Mandy Moore.

That’s the fun thing about the UFC … there’s this cult growing up around it now and shit like the UFC Fan Expo just pushes it further. Imagine getting to the point where every major UFC event is a crazy tailgating festival like with those racing events … then I could grow my hair long, smoke a bunch of weed and just follow Dana White around the world until he inevitably dies of a heart attack and Pinkberry names a flavor of whatever the fuck Pinkberry is after him.

Oh, that link has Rossen’s play by play of the whole thing but if you’re just wondering, no epic nudity, no shoving matches, and no last second fight cancellations. Oh and everyone made weight. I guess that’s kinda important to note.