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UFC 100 scalping

If you thought the UFC was making good money off their tickets to UFC 100, wait till you see what the scalpers are charging:

Tickets for UFC 100 sold out shortly after being put on sale and the result is a demand that far outstrips supply, a perfect situation for touts.

Fighters Only contacted various ticket brokers on Thursday to obtain some prices for ringside seats and found that, while $40,000 is the upper extreme, there were none available for less than $2,500.

In the upper reaches, tickets are going for between $500 and $900 on average, while the mid-tier seats vary between $1,000 and $6,000 depending on which block they are located in.

Have I mentioned before that I find scalpers to be the scum of the earth? One day someone with half a brain is going to figure out that assigning non-transferable names to tickets when they’re purchased would kill the ‘industry’ pretty much instantly. But unfortunately instead of fighting scalping, most businesses have gotten into bed with them. Ticketmaster recently got caught selling it’s tickets on their own scalping site and the UFC has actually teamed up with scalping site StubHub.