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UFC 100 now with 100% more rap-rock

Despite the trifecta of main event fights, the Hall of Fame induction of two new members, and a host of other activities sure to excite casual and hardcore fans alike, there seemed to be something missing from the UFC 100 festivities. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but thankfully the UFC knew exactly what was missing: Limp Bizkit. That’s right ladies and gents: the rap-rock group responsible for the red Yankees hat craze that swept America in the early 2000s will be performing at Mandalay Bay the Friday before the fights.

When asked about his band’s upcoming performance, frontman Fred Durst added this little gem: “The ultimate fighting music has finally found its home with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.” Touché, Fred. Touché.

Now that we have the addition of a band that hasn’t been relevant in nearly a decade, the UFC can sell a VHS version of TUF Season 1 and copies of UFC Undisputed 2009 for the Sega Genesis in order to continue marketing outdated products.

In any case, “Break Stuff” is a fucking sweet song. Makes me want to drink a case of Mountain Dew and then ram my head into the wall.