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UFC 100 is looking pimp

The MMA Fiend just reminded me that UFC 100 is coming up fast and the card has gone from being a big question mark to largely fleshed out. Here’s how it’s looking:

Georges St Pierre vs Thiago Alves: Provided, of course, that the NSAC doesn’t revoke GSP’s fight license and hand his belt over to the one true champion, BJ Penn.

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar: Where we get to see if ‘rehab’ means ‘stuff your face full of ice cream and twinkies’ to Frank Mir. I am also interested in knowing what happens when someone rides the Shit-Talk Express into the cage against Lesnar.

Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping: How can you not look forward to Bisping’s rude awakening? Conversely, if he manages to beat Dangerous Dan then a lot of us fans are going to start feeling really really old.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Alan Belcher: Alan has become the new meter stick to see how good / bad Japanese scene imports are. Meltzer thinks Akiyama is a shell of a fighter. He’ll have to be in order to lose this fight.

Jon Jones vs Jake O’Brien: Both guys are decision masters … O’Brien is one of the last Lay N Prayers in the UFC while Jon Jones likes to suplex his way to wins on the score card.

Stephan Bonnar vs Mark Coleman: Okay, Bonnar. We know you were basically the catalyst for MMA’s golden age. But if you lose, this is the last stop in your fight career before you end up interviewing people for the UFC’s website.

Jon Fitch vs Paul Thiago: Who the fuck is Paulo Thiago’s agent and why does he hate him so much? I can understand accepting the Koscheck fight to get a foot in the door … no wait, no I can’t. That was a dumb fight to take as well. This one is even dumber, but who knows … maybe Thiago is the new welterweight Fedor or some shit.

Dong Hyun Kim vs Jonathan Goulet: This is “No cardio” vs “Glass jaw” … unfortunately for Goulet, he’s been knocked out 7 times in the first round.

C.B. Dollaway vs TBA: I can only hope they give him some someone tough … a Dollaway loss would make my night.

Matt Grice vs Shannon Gugerty: Yeah who gives a shit but hey, someone’s gotta go first and it’s not gonna be the superstars on the card.

The Fiend suggest that this card deserves 4 hours instead of three. While I agree that if any card deserves it, it’s this one, I still have nightmares of 6 hour DREAM cards and 5 hour Affliction events. I dunno if this makes me less of a fan than most people, but 3 hours of carnage is enough for me thank you very much. I kinda enjoy watching the main card and then getting the undercard via on Tuesday. It’s kinda like how I ration out new Desperate Housewives episodes so I always have a fix of wrinkled cleavage available.