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UFC 100: Is it or isn’t it?

The Doggy Bag feature at Sherdog is like “Dear Abbey” with less MMA and more feminine, PC answers. Every troll with five minutes to write an email usually gets featured and the replies produced might as well be a stamp to save time. Yesterday’s edition was no exception:

Why is there so much hype about UFC 100? It’s not the 100th card promoted by the company…

He then rambles on about how he wants to buy Sakakibara a shot of Jager and see what happens; quite frankly that’s irrelevant because his biggest (stupidest) concern is with the legitimacy of the much hyped number 100.

Sherdog’s reply is equally challenged:

It boils down to marketing. The number 100 has universal appeal, and UFC President Dana White & Co. were smart to use it to their advantage. No one cares how many official shows the UFC has promoted. UFC 100 just has a nice ring to it.

Sounds reasonable – “Dana White & Co.” using every lie they can to get your money – until you get hit with LOGIC. “>Per Youtube:

Since Zuffa purchased the UFC in 2001, the Fertittas and Co. have hosted:

70 PPVs
19 Ultimate Fight Nights
9 Ultimate Fighter Finales
and 1 anomalous fight card in UFC “37.5”

Meaning that the “real” UFC 100 is…

UFC 100!

D’oh. They’re both wrong: it IS the 100th show from the company (Zuffa Inc.) and Brian Knapp didn’t correct him. Five seconds of research put this stupid qualm to bed with a technicality. YouTube commenters put ‘legit’ ‘journalists’ in their place; Jordan Breen should be giving Knapp a pink slip for this one.

*UPDATE*: So I feel like an idiot, talking about research and stuff. That smart guy YouTube comment was copypastaed from a Fan Post at Bloody Elbow. Let’s hope I don’t get Knapp’d by Ryan, Jake, and the hypocrisy/irony police.