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Twofer smack

So Mighty Mo has pulled out of DREAM 6, leaving Sergei Kharitonov without an opponent. Pretty balls … that was one of the fights I was really looking forward to. Regardless, I’ll still be staying up til 3AM to cover this event. And maybe … just maybe … Kharitonov will have another opponent:

Mirko Cro Cop: “As a professional fighter, I’m willing to fight Kharitonov after fighting Allister. I’m sure Kharitonov doesn’t want to go home without fighting. I’m happy to be his opponent.”

Yoshihiro Akiyama: “Let me say something. I’m not looking down on Tonooka, but I can also fight Kharitonov.”

This is the kind of smack you’d expect in America where athletic commissions and common sense keep a promotion from taking you up on your offer. But this is Japan, and up until a few weeks ago DREAM was actually considering sticking Akiyama in the ring against CroCop just to earn some racially-charged ratings. I have a feeling Mirko figured he wouldn’t be put on the spot, but Akiyama? That guy’s got huge balls, or just a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

**UPDATE** 300 pound Trent Reznor impersonator Jimmy Ambriz has stepped up to fight Kharitonov.