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Two UFCs in March?

We already know that UFC 82 is going to be on March 1st in Columbus Ohio. I think most of us were assuming that UFC83 would be in Fightlinker’s backyard of Montreal on April 19th. But now we have news that the UFC may be planning another UK event between those two dates, and it will be UFC83:

Ready to devote himself fully to MMA from now on, the BJJ black belt told that he will return to the Octagon at UFC 83. He knows that he will not have an easy time.

“MMA to me now is a road without return,” Maia explained. “I go back in UFC 83, in March, in England. I think they will give me some tough guy.”

Seems like the deluge of events in January and February isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Which is great, because events are the fuel that keeps this clunker of a site rolling through the poop that is the MMA news grind.