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Two titles in Montreal?

More good news / bad news on the UFC Montreal front … bad news first. Anderson Silva seems to be implying that he’s accepted a fight with Thales Leites for the card:

He is rumoured to be facing Thales Leites at UFC 97 and while the fight has not yet been officially confirmed, Silva says he is reasonably sure the bout is on.

“I think it will be against him, yes…. he will have the opportunity to fight for the belt, I hope he is training,” Silva told Tatame.

“Fighting a Brazilian is always complicated,” he added. “But we are professionals and we do our work.”

And on the good side, Jake might get an opportunity to be bored in person by the Mir / Lesnar 2 fight:

UFC president Dana White says that the long-awaited finale to the organisation’s heavyweight title ‘tournament’ may take place at in April.

“Mir took little damage in his fight with Nog, and Lesnar wants to fight him soon, so April may be the time and place for that. It will be good,” he said earlier today.

So it appears that Montreal may be getting two title shots at one event. But don’t get your hopes too high up … I’m passing this information on to you because it’s out there and it’s my pseudo-job. Do I really think the UFC is going to stack a Canadian UFC with two belt fights when so many other cards are ending up with none? Not really.

But there is one semi-logical explanation here. Anderson Silva gets a cut of PPV money, and he can’t be happy with the stream of lame opponents that aren’t helping carry the ticket. So was a co-main with Brock involved the only way to get him to accept the Leites fight? Brock has proven to be an awesome PPV draw, and that means more money in Anderson’s pocket.

But that still begs the question: Why Thales Leites? Why? Why?? Why??? What the fuck is that all about? Does Leites’ manager have Dana White’s family tied up somewhere in the jungles of South America or something?