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Two former stars show how faded they’ve become

Wow, that was a total debacle of a fight. Let me count the ways! First off, I knew something was wrong the second Coleman came into the ring looking like a half-filled whoopee cushion – same lobster red color and everything, too. Then the guy gasses halfway through the first round, but Shogun can’t fucking finish him to save his goddamn life.

The fight hit near mockery levels when Shogun seemed to gas as well in the second round. How else can we explain his complete inability to do anything as Mark stood in front of him with a dazed, drugged look that’d be more at home on the face of a cow about to be spiked through the skull at a meat factory?

If seeing Coleman dazed to shit and Shogun unable to do anything wasn’t bad enough, the fight then ended with a total gift stoppage in Rua’s favor. Shogun took Coleman out with a sweet combo that dropped the old veteran, and the ref stepped in as Coleman turned to attempt a takedown. It was obvious why the ref did it, but at that point Coleman had lasted that far … if he wanted to take punishment till the end of the third round, then who was the ref to step in and stop things premature?

Regardless, here’s what we learned from this fight: Mark Coleman’s gas tank is just as shit as it used to be, and the Mauricio Shogun Rua that we knew in PRIDE is fucking dead dead dead. Typically, fights end with one fighter being elevated up, but past a bit of respect for Coleman continuing when he was obviously dead, I think both guys lost tonight. Coleman looked older than his age, which is terrible since he’s fucking 44 years old. And Shogun just looked like a shadow of his former self.