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Two days with Ali Sonoma

A few days ago we tracked down where you can hire Natasha Wicks to caddy for you the next time you’re in Vegas. Now our friends at MMA Fight Girls have seen our caddy find and raised with an Ali Sonoma ‘super shoot’ opportunity:

After over a year talks, I’m happy to OFFICIALLY announce that International cover model Ali Sonoma has INKED a deal and will be officially, the October Colorado SuperShoot model!

TWO DAYS of shooting fun with Ali! Ali will shoot Casual, Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie and Implied Nude!!

The shoot is broken into two days, she will be shooting fashion/glamour, all the way to implied nude!! Pending the weather, we may go to the mountains for it. Ali doesn’t have any mountain photos and YOU could be the one that takes a photo she puts up. Having Ali in your port will for sure move you up in the glamour world, hell, I’M EXCITED TO SHOOT HER!!

So to recap: 400 bucks for 18 holes with Natasha or 460 bucks for two days of ‘Implied Nudity’ with Ali Sonoma. Which one is a better value really depends on what you think the ‘Par Mates’ gig includes (apparently I’m naive for thinking there’s no hooking on the fairway in Vegas), but I’d say the Ali gig is sweeter since the written purpose of the gig is to molest Ali with your camera. Just a reminder that the Ali deal is an October gig only, so if you wanna do this thing, I’d hop to it. Aren’t all you students finally getting your school loans right about now? I’m just saying.