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Twitter deems Mir / Lesnar 3 lame

It looks like we weren’t the only ones who felt like Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir III was an unnecessary fight being pushed for some easy PPV money. While Dana White thinks ‘the Internet is stupid’, he thinks the net’s retarded 140-character nephew Twitter knows what’s up, and Twitter told him no sir it don’t like dat fight.

“That fight kind of makes sense,” White said on Friday. “So, we’ll see.”
But since White made that statement, fans have taken to the Internet to express their displeasure in the potential fight. While the UFC president believes it’s unwise to pay too much attention to Internet message boards, White says those that took the time to address him on his official Twitter account have made their feelings known loud and clear.
“I usually don’t gauge things by the Internet; the internet is [expletive] stupid,” White said. “My Twitter I do.
“On my Twitter, there are 1.2 million people that care about this thing and everything else, and you don’t get the goofy [expletive] that you get on the Internet.”

He’s not lying – check out all the people who got in touch to tell him they thought the fight sucks. The complaints break down to two main reasons: numero uno, Frank Mir got smashed so smash-tastically the second time around that we already know how fight three will go. And secondly, we’re just fucking sick of seeing Brock fight the same guy. A Mir trilogy would mean that statistically, Brock would be fighting the same guy in 43% of his UFC fights. When you’ve got a roster of over 30 heavyweights to choose from, that seems kinda sad.