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Twinkle Toes Will Get At Least One More Dance In The Octagon

Josh Koscheck eating Frank Trigg's lunch at UFC 103

Following Frank Trigg’s obliteration by Josh Koscheck in the first half of the first round at UFC 103, the rumors of Trigg being cut were hot and heavy. MMA Junkie carried these quotes from The Dana:

“I think Trigg is one of those guys (like Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic),” White said after the conclusion of the UFC 103 post-fight press conference. “These (other) guys are young and explosive. There’s just a whole other level of talent out there, man, and that’s the way it works. That’s the way this business is.”

So, will he give it some thought before terminating the contract?

“I doubt it,” White shrugged. “He got smoked tonight.”

Trigg responded that he would retire if he was cut. Luckily, your humble contributor didn’t jump on the story immediately (I also kind of slacked on this post, but I’m going to go ahead and chalk one up to clairvoyance and the other to corpulence because it makes me feel better) and, lo and behold, Yahoo Sports comes in with Junkie’s update that Trigg will indeed get another chance to prove himself.

The article (for those of you that don’t take advantage of the ‘links’ to ‘fights’ that we supply you with) states that Trigg was originally slated to face Johny Hendricks, he of the infamous Sadollah/Mirglitantoomuch early stoppage, before he accepted the Koscheck fight with the understanding that a loss wouldn’t send him packing. It also includes the first mention I’ve seen of a possible Australian card early next year (George Sotiropoulos, you guys!). Alas, it doesn’t seem that Trigg is really analyzing the crap out of what happened to him:

“No disrespect to Koscheck, but the fight only went a minute (and) 40 (seconds), and he only got in one good shot,” Trigg said. “In my mind, nothing really happened. I got caught. We could fight again, and I think it would be an entirely different outcome.”

So… it would have been more impressive if he had taken four minutes before knocking you into Lawlerland?