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Tweeting for pleasure and profit

30 years from now when Dana White inevitably strokes out, I bet they’ll stick his brain in a jar and connect it to his twitter account so he can continue to live life 140 characters at a time. Through this technology, he will continue to run the UFC and send tweets like FUCK YOU @JennaJsBrain THEY SAVED THE WRONG MEAT FOR YO JAR BITCH. And when they write his biography, they will point to this day in history as the point he went from twitter fan to twitter obsessive:

Starting June 1, UFC and Strikeforce fighters will be divided into four categories, based on how many Twitter followers they currently have.

At the end of each quarter, three fighters from each category will be awarded a $5,000 bonus.

The three winners will be based on who has gained the most followers since the start of the quarter, who gained the highest percentage of new followers and who wrote the most creative tweets.

White will be the judge of the last category.

At the conclusion of a full calendar year, the UFC will end up paying $240,000 a year to its fighters for their Twitter usage.

I expect Pat Barry to win a creative tweet bonus if his underwear schtick continues to hold up. You’d think it’d get tired after the first dozen times, but what can I say … he continues to push comedy boundries with it.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I’d be really surprised if anyone could beat Barry.  He’s the only one who ever made me consider signing-up for Twitter.

    I’m glad they’re encouraging/rewarding creativity in grass-roots marketing.

  • CAP says:

    He needs to tweet how many pairs of tighty whiteys he packs. More than one I hope.

  • iamphoenix says: