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So the UFC is coming back to California, and aside from wondering if anyone’s gonna get turfed for drugs, I’m wondering if the UFC is gonna man up and let Big John McCarthy ref in the UFC again. As you may or may not have known, McCarthy was such a fixture at UFC events from 1994 to 2007. That’s 13 years of loyal, shit-pay service to a company that wasn’t even his boss since he technically he worked for the athletic commissions.

But then McCarthy tried to move on and get a job as a TV host. During this time he talked some mild shit (like Tostitos Mild Salsa mild) about the UFC and dared to do commentary for Affliction’s first show. For that, he’s not exactly welcome back in the UFC (or Nevada, but we’ll deal with them next). Of course Dana White isn’t declaring that there is a ban. Here’s what he said when the possibility of Big John reffing UFC 104 in California was brought up:

This past Thursday at a UFC 102 pre-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said he wasn’t sure why McCarthy hasn’t been seen in the UFC since his return to action, but the exec insisted his organization had nothing to do with “Big John’s” absence.

“I don’t know,” White said. “That would have to be a question for the – have we talked to commissions and said, ‘Oh, keep John McCarthy away from us,’? No.

“Maybe McCarthy doesn’t want to ref in the UFC. I don’t know.”

Following those comments, White was questioned by Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole if the UFC had ever considered using McCarthy for its overseas events. In foreign countries that lack commissions, the UFC selects the officials that govern the card.

“We never talked about that, and Marc (Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs) has never brought that up,” White said. “And to be honest with you, as you ask me that question, I sit here now, there’s a lot of referees that have been loyal and stayed in the business and kept working when John McCarthy took off to go and pursue other things.”

Big John is in the same article saying he’s available for the date and would be happy to ref in the UFC again, so aside from that dumb “Big John isn’t loyal” comment from Dana White, there doesn’t seem to be too much keeping McCarthy out of the cage. Now you and I both know that referees have a tendancy to suck … not so much in California but the rest of the US for sure. Having McCarthy back as a fixture in the UFC isn’t just good for him, it’s good for the fighters and it’s great for the fans.

So here’s what I propose: tomorrow we twitter bomb Dana White and tell him we want Big John McCarthy back for UFC 104 (and hopefully until his new nickname is Small Wrinkly John). Why twitter? It’s a new toy for a lot of these celebrities and they do pay attention to it. Emails end up in some unread mailbox. Twitters will not only be very visible to Dana White, they’ll be very visible to everyone else.

I’ve got 650 people following me on twitter for some reason. Even if we only get a few hundred of them twittering this, it’ll be pretty good. But if we get the support of even 1/10th of the people who visit this site, there’ll be a few thousand tweets calling for Big John’s return. If Bloody Elbow, Cage Potato and a few other blogs and forums pick this up, we could easily hit Dana White with god knows how many. Since he seems so on the fence about it, maybe we can help him hop off.

So spread the word to other blogs and forums and to anyone else who can help:

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4th – tweet Dana White and tell him you want Big John McCarthy back.

@danawhiteufc BRING BACK BIG JOHN! #UFC

I’ll be bringing this up a bunch tomorrow to try and fan the flames but if we really wanna hammer this bitch and cause some commotion we’re gonna need everyone’s help.

(thanks to Zak at Watch Kalib Run for the picture!)