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TUF8: Team Nog vs Team Mir?

I know I’ve got the reputation for being an irresponsible blogger who doesn’t check facts or verify stories before throwing them up on the site. This is because I’m not ‘Fight Fact-Checker’, I’m ‘Fight Linker’. I link to what other people are saying and then I talk about boners and farts and other miscellaneous grade-4 humor topics. I leave it up to you guys to decide on if a story sounds beleivable or not.

Anyways, with that disclaimer I present you with a possibly true / possibly not true story: Frank Mir and Big Nog are going to be the coaches of TUF8.

Reasons this might be true:

  • The heavyweight division is shit so there’s no harm in locking up the champion for 6 month.
  • The UFC has a hard-on for Frank Mir that just never goes away.

Reasons this might be false:

My thoughts? I can barely make myself care enough to write as much as I already had. You know that thing soldiers get from being on the front lines for too long? Well that’s what I have now in regards to TUF. The only way they could make me give a shit about anything they did on TUF is if they announced Optimus Prime and the Lucky Charms leprechaun as coaches.

  • Atom says:

    Bullshit, FL. If GSP was the next coach, there would be live blogging for every episode, and three different recap articles per week.

  • Hmm, if I had to guess myself going with the coaches being heavyweights I’d think maybe Frank Mir/ Brock Lesnar. Mostly because they want to push both so hard, and this would give them a good build up to a potential rematch, if Lesnar gets by Coleman. I don’t think Nog. speaks enough English that they’d let him coach. And nobody eles really seems big enough to fill the bill of the higher profile fighters they like to have as the coaches.

    Others that would make sense- Arlovski, Vera, Herring, or Gonzaga, if he has good enough English. Maybe Werdum too, even though he doesn’t really have the star power, but the UFC like to push him. Or maybe its possible they’ll hold off Lesnar/Coleman and have them.

    Just my speculation, I really haven’t heard anything at all yet in the way of real rumors.

  • Hey, I just thought they’re having lightweights too, so perhaps the winners of Sherk/Penn and Huerta/Florian? Although just recently having LWs, and never before having heavyweight coaches, I’d say thats probably the lesser likely direction they’d go in.

  • #1 jackal says:

    correction atom. if the coaches were gsp vs. evan tanner, fightlinker would change their name to tuf8linker

  • Gong says:

    They really need to stop with the Champion vs. Challenger coaches. Why not popular Challenger vs. Challenger? I agree with a lot of Amy said, I mean, there’s a lot of popular heavyweights out there that people can get behind.

  • Atom says:

    That was more of an addition than a correction. I stand by my previous statement. Besides, Tanner won’t be a TUF coach any time soon.

  • Aaron says:

    “I link to what other people are saying and then I talk about boners and farts and other miscellaneous grade-4 humor topics.”

    This is why this site is my homepage.