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TUF7 Finale becomes 3 hour eliminator

Here’s the lineup for the TUF7 finale on June 21st thus far:

      * Kendall Grove vs. Evan Tanner
* Luigi Fioravanti vs. Diego Sanchez
* Finalist #1 vs. Finalist #2
* Spencer Fisher vs. Jeremy Stephens
* Jeremy Horn vs. Dean Lister (may not be televised)
* Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett (may not be televised)
* Marvin Eastman vs. Drew McFedries (may not be televised)
* Matt Arroyo vs. TBA (may not be televised)

The ‘new’ news on this is that a lot of those “may not be televised” notes might not apply since TUF8 is now going to be a three hour broadcast. But if you’re a fan of a lot of these fighters, I’d recommend not sleeping on this shit because they might as well call this event “The Eliminator”. The only two guys who probably aren’t on the cutting board are Diego Sanchez and Spencer Fisher … mind you they both got such vaginal opponents that a loss might result in their getting cut regardless of how much Daddy Dana likes them.

  • catch says:

    Jeremy Stephens is going to take out Spencer Fisher.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    You really think Jeremy Horn’s at risk?

    The guy’s a legend.

    Then again, that’s exactly the kind of dead weight they’ve been cutting recently, but I doubt his contract is bloated in any particular way.

  • catch says:

    Which Jeremy aren’t you? Horn or Stephens?

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I’m not either of those Jeremys. I’m also not the Jeremy who posted ahead of me on FightOpinion.

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    lol at Stephens being a vaginal opponent. He’ll probably beat Fisher

  • pauli says:

    i can only pray that they will now replace all the normal music with zztop.

  • Bling Crosby says:

    Wouldn’t this be the TUF7 Finale?

  • you are correct. I have problems with mah numbers above 5

  • Bling Crosby says:

    Honestly, I can’t blame you. Everything TUF related tends to blend together into one big pile of indistinguishable crap.

  • chunkycheese says:

    even though they cut travis lutter, would they really cut another tuf winner?

  • crs says:

    Hopefully Dana will remind Kendall and the wino their jobs are on the line before they go out, because that fight could really stink up the joint. But Horn vs. Lister will probably be absolutely painful to sit through unless Horn knows Dean has zero stand-up ability and just throws bombs at him without counterstrike worries.

  • DannyP72 says:

    Can Zuffa make the next WEC 3 hours long instead of mediocre TUF finale cards

  • Captain says:

    In other news, 5oz posted the video of the double knockout I’ve been hearing about. Fuckin classic.

  • Jeremy Stephens will not beat Spencer Fisher. He takes too many risks and doesn’t listen to his corner (At All)… Spencer’s stand-up is better and judging from Stephen’s fight with Din Thomas and Diego Saraiva (I had to look the name up) he can’t beat him on the ground either.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Hazelett won’t get cut as long as the UFC keeps having sell-out crowds in Ohio. He’ll probably beat Burkman anyway and we’ll finally be rid of that mediocre bastard.

    They just brought back Luigi after he lost to Petz so I’d be a little surprised if they cut him for going 1-1 on a new contract unless he runs away like a scared Canadian calling people faggots on live television.

  • pillow says:

    So if Burkman loses, he’s probably cut

    And he promised if it goes to decision he would retire.

    So there’s an extremely good chance the People’s Champion can soon be the Arkansas State Fair People’s Champion, or the watching Food Network eating cheetos People’s Champion

  • Method says:

    Horn lister should be a sick fight

  • Nachtfalter says:

    I hope McFedries does his 20 second flash knockout thingy against Eastman and avoids getting fired (which he very well might in case of a loss). The dude is entertaining as hell. He wins or loses in the first round. And always in spectacular fashion.

  • Gaston says:

    I thought Dean Lister was cut already. Remember reading so after his last performance.

  • Horn had also said a month or two back that he wasn’t even under contract with the UFC:

    Crazy fighters dunno what theys talkin abouts

  • pauli says:

    horn is the ufc’s equivalent of pride’s pro wrestlers. “we need an opponent, at, um… 185?” “well, we’ve fired everybody other than anderson and franklin.” “call jeremy. the crowd doesn’t care if he loses, and neither does he.”

  • crs says:

    Horn-Lister has a pretty good chance of being a fight where both guys avoid taking it to the ground like crazy because they respect each other too much. Now, Jeremy is decent at stand up……….Lister, not so much. I don’t want to see 3 rounds of Dean clinching Jeremy against the cage or throwing those faggy punches he shamed himself with in his last fight. That definitely wouldn’t be “sick”.