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TUF8 Blog roundup, episode 4

Here we are again for another week of TUF blog round-up, where we read the illiterate ramblings of this season’s TUF contenders so you don’t have to!

Phillipe Nover c/o Five Ounces

As you can see I haven’t been getting much face time on the last few episodes. I try to stay away from drunk violent behavior not only on the show but in life in general. People like that have nothing to offer. I was sleeping tucked in my bed during that pool incident. I made sure I slept early almost every night so I can the most out of training the next day. I got on the show with one goal in mind. And that didn’t include drinking like a imbecile in front of five million people.

Junie should have been thrown out right after he threw that glass at Kyle. That was assault. He should have been arrested. I wasn’t comfortable sleeping in the house with a drunk on the loose. Thoughts of him pulling out a kitchen knife and stabbing another fighter crossed my mind. Sorry Junie, but if I was Dana you would have been gone!

Roli Delgado c/o MMA Weekly

What the show didn’t show you guys was that Shane was talking trash for almost three hours to Efrain. It was a typical case where you realize it’s not fun to be around drunks when you’re not drunk. I have to give Efrain credit for being able to keep his cool for so long.

Krzysztof Soszynski c/o Sherdog

There was a notable moment not shown; most of us came together and decided that it was time to get Junie kicked off the show. We were going to antagonize him until he broke down and took a swing at one of us – just keep pushing his buttons.

Ryan Bader c/o MMA Junkie

While this is happening, I was just so fed up with Junie that I thought it would be a good idea to kick his stuff back in the pool to give him a taste of his own medicine since he had been dishing it out to us all night. Once again Junie, with his chest out, is asking who did it. I tell him it was me, and he is asking if it was all fun and games. I tell him yes and that he needs to learn how to take it if he is going to dish it out all the time. Now, at this point, I know the pool is behind me, and I have my hands in my pockets. I see this look in his eyes; you know the one. His eyes get big all of the sudden like he is about to catch a football and you are covering him. Those eyes, plus his previous actions with Krzysztof, clued me in on the possibility that he might try to push me in the pool.

Well, my intuition was right, and as he went to push me, I kind of guided him into the pool not knowing that my Tapout hoodie was a little baggy on me, and down I go. Junie had a death grip on my sweatshirt, and luckily, Eliot Marshall grabbed me before going all the way in. The only thing that was running through my mind was to save my mic. We were told that they are $3,000 each and that if we ruined them, it was on us to replace them. Knowing this I did my best to stay out of the pool.

Jules Bruchez c/o Around the Octagon

Everyone keeps asking me, “Why didn’t y’all just hit Junie?” but you have to understand, the rules are that you can’t touch anyone or else you’re out the house. One thing that did piss us off was when Dana White did come into the house, he asked us the same thing, “Why didn’t you hit that little fucker?” He told us he wouldn’t have kicked us out, that he would have understood. So, as you can see, he gave Junie a second chance, which was a freakin’ miracle compared to what he pulled off and Shane has to fight Efrain even though we had the fight pick advantage.

George Roop c/o MMA Weekly

The next day Junie didn’t even go to practice. Everybody was just waiting for Dana to come kick him off all day. After our evening practice Dana showed up. Junie had already packed his bags earlier that day. To everyone’s surprise Dana let Junie stay??? I was surprised how much Dana got on Nelson’s case about trying to pick fights considering all Junie had done. I didn’t think that Shane deserved to get kicked off. Shane wanted to fight so bad and Dana made it happen for him. It’s hard enough circumstances being in the house and fighting under these conditions. But when you add the drama that Junie brings then it makes it that much more difficult.

Junie Browning c/o

The next day, I just started shooting around on the basketball court. I figured Dana (White) was gonna be around there sometime soon, and I felt pretty bad, so I shot ball a bit and tried to stay away from some of the guys because I think they were all a little scared.

The speech from Dana was a little bit longer than what they showed, and the whole time, I was like ‘man, I wish he’d go on and kick me out because this is starting to hurt.’ It was pretty bad. And when he said he wasn’t kicking me off, I couldn’t believe it at first. I figured there would be a catch, like I would have to move up weight classes so they could start matching me up with all the 205ers.

Assistant Coach Ken Hahn c/o MMA Junkie

Team Mir likely had less cohesion as a team than Team Nogueira. That was probably the result of the fighters’ personalities that we chose to our team. Generally speaking, many of the fighters on “Team Mir” came onto the show with very independent styles and mindsets. Junie Browning was no exception.

During Shane Nelson’s fight preparation, he spent time rolling with Junie, and he repeatedly tapped him out. Shane attempted to explain to Junie why he was getting caught in the submissions, but Junie seemed reluctant to learn from his mistakes with a positive attitude. He became openly frustrated, and he would make negative comments about Team Mir’s training, saying things like “this training sucks.”