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TUF UK vs OZ by the end of the year?

Now that the Zuffa boys just hit it out of park with their FOX deal, are you ready to believe that international TUFs are right around the corner?

AN AUSTRALIAN version of The Ultimate Fighter will be underway by Christmas if UFC boss Dana White has his way.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal White, whose fight company has already twice sold out Acer Arena in Sydney, wants to now pit Mixed Martial Artists from Australia and England in a special version of the reality TV series that has already become a global phenomenon.

Dubbed ‘The Bashes’, the local production would still be shot in Las Vegas and involve some dozen fighters living, training and battling in a knockout-style MMA competition. As always, the winner would be given a six-figure UFC contract.

“Right now we have three Australian broadcasters interested and a number of blue chips sponsors willing to write cheques,” says Marshall Zelaznik, UFC Managing Director of International Development. “That’s what has us really excited, the fact we have serious backers for a concept that is obviously very expensive to produce.

“I’d like to think that before the end of the year we could be into pre-production. The pieces are certainly coming together.”

England and Australia have had a nice little rivalry going since England made Oz a dumping ground for all it’s vagrants and criminals back in 1780. Nowadays that manifests itself mainly in cricket matches and such, which seems awfully pussy to me. Some cagefighting seems like the perfect way to stir up nationalistic elements, and ride that shit to success! Hitler stylez! Plus, it will be nice to let the Brits and Aussies fight eachother for a while. Feeding them through the North / South American meatgrinder just doesn’t seem like the most effective way to build stars. Although it does result in great photoshops like this: