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TUF Reactions

Just wanted to do a little roundup of all the opinions floating around the MMA blogosphere:


But even though Nelson beat Kimbo decisively, I came away from their fight more convinced than I was before that Kimbo is worthy of fighting in the UFC.

Michael Rome:

From the beginning, Kimbo looked bad. He was extremely slow, moved gingerly, and left his chin wide open. He put his whole body into every jab, and frankly fought scared. Once he went down, he showed virtually no improvement from the last time we saw him on his back against James Thompson. Admittedly, Roy Nelson is on a different level from James Thompson on the ground, to say the least, but Kimbo showed me no reason to believe he will one day be able to compete in the UFC. I should note that his takedown defense was improved, but it obviously was nowhere near improved enough.

Leland Rolling

As a hardcore MMA fan, I found it terrible to push such a green fighter as a legitimate MMA fighter so early, but I can appreciate Kimbo’s humbleness and willingness to learn in order to improve. We see so many fighters who have a different attitude than Kimbo, and it’s good to see that he’s willing to put the work in to succeed. In December, we’ll truly see if he has improved significantly. After all, American Top Team will put him through the gauntlet.

Dan Wetzel:

Dana White had changed the expectations game.

Suddenly Kimbo was being hailed for putting up a decent fight against Nelson, a former International Fight League heavyweight champion with far more experience.

White and coaches Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans all hailed his effort.

In truth, Kimbo landed just a couple significant punches, one knee and used solid takedown defense to stop Nelson another time. Other than that, it wasn’t much of a performance. Nelson got him down twice and then just swallowed Kimbo up.

MMA Convert:

Problem was everyone who already knew what happened kept talking about how impressive Kimbo Slice was. Maybe to trick us into believing he actually had a chance, or maybe he comes back as a replacement and puts on a better performance (Spike is already promoting that angle to keep up ratings), I don’t know, but tonight I was not impressed.

Ivan Trembow:

So, THAT is the fight that caused UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta to tell the L.A. Times Blog last week, “We’ve been very impressed with Kimbo’s performance”? What a joke.

Zach Arnold:

It’s such a bizarre reaction online to see many MMA fans somehow trying to justify what they just watched by: a) praising UFC for conning them over and doing a good job of it, b) Kimbo has somehow ‘improved’, and c) look how much traffic these guys are getting on Twitter!