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TUF luck…

Oh my fucking God:

UFC 76 took place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. on Saturday, Sept. 22, and featured Keith Jardine’s upset split-decision victory over Chuck Liddell. Jardine earned $14,000 for the victory, and Liddell earned $500,000 in defeat.

In case you were wondering, Liddell earned over 35 times the amount of money Keith Jardine made. Of course, Chuck Liddell is like the Michael Jordan (or Wilt Chamberlain) of the UFC so it makes sense that he gets payed that much. Plus under the table bonuses. Plus UFC-brokered sponsorship money. Plus Dana’s first born child.

On the other hand, Keith Jardine making 14k for his win is simply hilarious. Jardine was an Ultimate Fighter 2 contestant, and he got the same shitty contract the rest of the TUF losers got: 7000 to fight and 7000 to win. That was two years and 7 fights ago. Looking at his record you can balance his salary out at $42,000 a year. For you kiddies still in school, here’s a nice point of reference: Plumbers make $54,000 a year on the low end of the scale.

One would hope that Keith is gonna get a renegotiated contract sometime soon, but for some reason the UFC is weird about stuff like that. Rich Franklin has been stuck on a dog of a contract for years now while Houston Alexander apparently signed a new contract before his first UFC opponent even made it to the hospital. So who knows if Dana White will reward Jardine and up his pay or keep him where he is until the terms of his TUF serfdom expire.

Of course, my bitching could be completely moot. There’s always all this talk of magic money that flows freely under the table and away from the prying eyes of sanctioning bodies. But I don’t have faith in Jesus or God existing, so why should I put faith in the idea of mystical pay either? Until I see definitive proof that the average UFC fighter can afford a mortgage payment, fuck that shit.

  • Lifer says:

    They can’t release those figures at all. They don’t have to because it’s not a publically traded company. To compete in this industry they need to maintain their mystique regarding fighter pay, Goldberg’s IQ, whatever drugs Rogan is currently on, and wherever the fuck Eddie Bravo went.

  • MJC_123 says:

    If you had to pay someone who had knocked out your best mate you’d pay them a shitty wage.

  • Matt says:

    Where the hell is Bravo anyway?

  • Tommy says:

    How many fans a person has that will pay to watch him fight determine what there pay will be. I’ve never met someone who said ‘Jardines fighting this weekend I just got to watch’. Maybe now but not before this last fight of his. I didn’t hear him complaining though.

  • intenso says:

    Rod Barajas of the Phillies made $3 million this year. Ryan Howard made $900,000.

    Barajas hit .230 with 4 HRs and drove in 10 runs.
    Howard hit .264, with 42 HRs and drove in 125 runs.

  • What’s ‘the Phillies’???

  • Thomas says:

    TUF contract consists of
    A)Paperback full of Pesos
    B)Your choice or weed, HGH or Xyience supplements
    C)And former superstar to upset

  • DJ Hapa says:

    “I’ve never met someone who said ‘Jardines fighting this weekend I just got to watch’. Maybe now but not before this last fight of his. ”

    I have said that. I am a big fan of animation and cartoons. Jardine is like a cartoon character with his strange face and head, and his jerky style. He is a cross between Elmer Fudd and Ming the Merciless. I like him!

  • kentyman says:

    Thomas, don’t forget:

    D) One of them lunchbox mobiles.

  • garth says:

    organize. as long as fighters are signing contracts individually like that, there’ll be massive pay inequalities. of course, if fighters can guarantee quality like, say, a union HVAC guy, things will change slightly.
    also, of course, being an individual sport (on the surface) will make it almost impossible to organize.
    meh, i’m not smart enough to figure this stuff out.

  • ThePlague says:

    It makes me all tingly that Rich Franklin is getting a shitty salary. He is second only to Matt Hughes in absolute and total fucking douchebaggery.

  • dignan says:

    I have always liked Franklin…however I despise Jorge Gurgel. That guy is a fucker.

    What is Franklin making?

  • From looking at his past few fights he’s gone from making 12k/12k to 32k/32k

  • marshal says:

    Jardine should rent out his dome with advertisers temporary tattoos.

  • Ryan says:

    Actually Fightlinker, Franklin is due up for a new contract. They haven’t announced it yet, but he signed a 6 fight extension onto his remaining two fights right before his fight with Shamrock… which means, this upcoming fight with Anderson will be his 8th and final fight. We all know UFC doesn’t allow people to fight for the title without an inked contract extension, so I’d be willing to bet if Franklin wins this fight he makes a ton of mula, e.g. PPV shares.

  • It just seems strange to me that Franklin has been stuck on this shit contract for so long … again it goes back to the magical mystery money – no doubt that dana white would rather keep the official numbers low and just stack Franklin’s bank account through back doors. But still – does he not realize that by keeping the upfront money so low he makes the UFC seem really really really miserly?