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TUF likes making everyone but Dana look stupid

Hey everyone … I just watched last week’s TUF finally, and as usual I immediately follow that up with a look at Mac Danzig’s TUF blog, which always has something interesting to say:

The “coin toss” episode was pretty funny in real life. They edited it down to about one minute, but in all actuality it took about 20 minutes for them to do the entire thing. It was the most unorganized, dysfunctional attempt at achieving a choice that I have ever seen. Our team just sat there as Serra and Dana argued about what exactly would happen when the coin was tossed, and whether the guys would be sent to Hughes’ team if they called it correctly or incorrectly.

I remember Ray Longo trying to get them to stop and explain it all again multiple times, while War Machine would chime in sporadically with stuttering gibberish that nobody seemed to listen to. At least 10 times, Drago yelled in his powerful Long Island accent “C’mon! Just DO it!” and Dana had to stop a few times because all the bickering had gotten him confused as to how the whole thing would actually work. And you all thought flipping a coin was easy.

It’s always interesting to hear afterwards what they decide to cut and what they decide to keep in. While the title of this blog points to the idea that when Dana looks silly they cut things out, I bet it has more to do with Matt Serra being a whiny bitch for 20 minutes. If that’s the case then thank you Spike TV … watching TUF always puts me on the edge of killing myself but any more “I’m not picking, I’m not picking, this ain’t right we’re a team!” and I would have had to follow through this time.

  • Murg says:

    At some point, you should stop pandering to the “I hate Dana” angsty teenager contingent. It’s getting old, just look at how many of your stories are devoted to talking about this guy.

    Draw some comics instead!

  • I still love Sera though. he cracks me up.

    I will ALWAYS hate Hughes – it won’t matter if he saves a child from dying once a day for the rest of his life – I’ll still hate that douche.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    I say draw some comics that make fun of Dana. Win Win

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    i hated serra before the show, now i hate hughes and im hoping serra beats him. hughes is a complete douchebag. bible banging faggot

  • Xavier says:

    Agreed with Murg. But moreso because what you just said isn’t true.

    Last season saw Dana look like a total tool always picking against Manny and making cracks about how small he is. Especially the Lauzon fight, where Dana goes on and on about how Joe will win. The idea that Spike producers won’t embarrass Dana is just dumb. Reality is, watching twenty minutes of guys arguing over a coin toss would be the worst television ever, which is exactly why they didn’t show it.

  • operator says:

    Yeah I would have rather watched for the humming bird. That would have been more exciting than listening to Serra wine for twenty minutes. It’s bad enough we have to listen to him corner for another fuckin season. niiiice niiice don’t forget to breathe what did we just go over niice niice way to stop those puches with your face niiice niice.

  • I know … the advice he was giving was so useless. ‘Get your left leg up’ … he kept yelling that, over and over. Unless that was code for something, it was completely useless advice as Mac was on top of the dude holding him down