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TUF guys fight outside the cage?

Is this a real fight or just two drunk guys trading blows for fun? Looks to me like the guy being punched is leaning into it. I guess the guy getting hit is Spencer Paige, who got on to the show via UD. The puncher looks like Jeff Lentz but with blonde hair, he got on the show by submitting Daniel Head.

Thanks to Jackal leitbleu

  • Letibleu says:

    While compiling this i got to view it in detail quite a few times. From the facial muscles I think it is at least a flash KO and from the sound I would be concerned about his teeth/jaw.

    I think the “standing too close” comment is not a threat but a distance comment for a planned shot. Paige says a muffled “go” to Jeff right before the THUMP.

    I could have edited it to make it look like a real fight but I prefer leaving that up to other trollers.

  • MAYORofKALI says:

    Why didn’t they show this shit during the season. My son is PISSED about getting such a strong ‘hook’ in previews, then don’t show it. Bait and switch, wassup wit dat?