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TUF: Dan Barrera takes it all


Retardo narcissism aside, I gotta respect Dan Barrera. Half the fighters on TUF quit the second shit gets hairy or they hear about something from the outside world. But not Dan Barrerra. This motherfucker gets a call from his wife where she’s being a crazy bitch and he’s all like “Whatever you crazy bitch, see you when the show’s over!”

Apparently his vows should have been modified from “Through sickness and in health” to “Through sickness, health, and TUF tapings”.

Sure, his actions may seems pretty harsh, but this is real life for Dan … he doesn’t disappear when the show is over, and neither do his bills. If he’d fucked off to deal with his crazy wife, it would have been game over for his dreams of ever fighting in the UFC. That leads to some serious resentment issues, which lead to divorce, which lead to more resentment, which leads to drinking, which leads to sinking your boat and starting a support group.

Past that, to take a beating from Matt Hughes and then get fucked over on the decision … Dan should consider finding a new deity because whoever he’s praying too doesn’t seem to be taking great care of him. The one positive thing about this is you know he’s gonna be featured prominently in the finale. If Ben Saunders flunks out of the semi-finals I wouldn’t be surprised if the rematch-crazy UFC sets up a second match between the two for the finale.

  • kentyman says:

    Hughes’s team looks like a second grader coached it.

  • Lifer says:

    Hughes has a personality that makes you not want to listen to anything he says so I don’t blame the guys for going out there and not following a sensible gameplan, not paying attention to Matt Hughes instructions, or realizing they are losing and changing up the gameplan on their own.

    He got 1 overhand right that knocked the guy down.. that doesn’t win round 1 for me. The guy was smiling and wanting more while Dan stood there and started cat-fighting Ben’s feet TWICE for about 30 seconds more than should have been thanks to our main man Herb “I’m stopping the fight to ask you if you want to continue because you have a gaping wound in your forehead and blood is pouring into your eyes and I should get the doctor but as long as you say it’s ok we’ll restart the fight 15 seconds later” Dean.

    Dan looked like complete shit and his wife is obviously as bat-shit crazy as the man himself. I can see how Matt Hughes took to this guy with his bible-thumping, horse-riding ways. Too bad, so sad. Tune in next week when Matt Hughes puts 3/4 of his team in the hospital cuz they suck shit.

  • dan lost both rounds says:

    Dan lost both rounds. Ben actually knocked Dan down at 2:30 as well, and by the end of 1st round Dan was running away from Ben around the Octagon. You can’t win if you run away like that. 2nd round we all know Ben won.

  • Cori says:

    Did anybody else notice that Barrera looked kind of like Mr. Potato Head during his post-fight interview? Maybe it’s just me.

  • nois29 says:

    Props to Dan for handling his business, despite what a nut job he is.

  • Trevor says:

    Worst excuse for a “controversy” ever. Even if you give Barrera the first round (he got one knockdown that had little effect, countered by the fact that Saunders dominated most of the rest of the round that wasn’t on the ground because Dean is a terrible ref), round 2 was, at best, a 10-8 round due to total domination and Barrera running around the ring away for him.

    Hughes is a moron, and White is an idiot for making a bigger deal out of this decision than he did Bisping-Hamill.

  • Xavier says:

    Lifer with the post of the day. That was the worst ref’ing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Cecil Peoples ref.

  • operator says:

    Fuck talk about bad timing for Matt too start his owne training camp if I watched tuf I wouldn’t go to his camp. Thing is he knew the show was gonna be airing around the same time he decided to start his new camp. Seems like pretty bad publicity to me.

  • stuart says:

    9operator: “Fuck talk…”

    I expect Hughes had a big plan of looking to be the best coach in the business – wholesome and clean, compared to Serra’s foulmouthed failures. Oh how he would have imagined God was gonna smile on him, and bless him with a sweet little earner to follow his inevitable loss to GSP in 2 fights’ time.
    But what has actually happened could not be sweeter – this is the most entertaining tuf yet – TUF 6 – Matt Hughes – the loss of a legacy!