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TUF coach switcheroo?

Something strange went down during the filming of TUF 11 and now the rumor is that Tito Ortiz was replaced halfway through the season:

In February, with “The Ultimate Fighter 11” still filming in Las Vegas, the “Hunting Beach Bad Boy” posted a series of cryptic messages on his Twitter account the led to many to speculate something had run afoul with his role as a coach on the Spike TV series.

“If things couldn’t get worse, they just did!” Ortiz stated on Feb. 24. “[Expletive]! “I want to thank all my fans for your support!

“I guess business is business.”

Three days later, additional Ortiz comments led to further speculation.

“Thanks for all the support,” Ortiz stated. “Thinking that life couldn’t get any harder? It just did! Another challenge that god has given me! Wow.

“Many things that challenge us in lives will make us stronger. One thing I can say is don’t ever quit. I’m strong because of my family and fans!” has been told from additional sources that Ortiz was not able to complete the filming of “The Ultimate Fighter 11,” though the reasoning behind his absence wasn’t immediately known.

Those same sources suggested that Franklin was possibly brought in as a replacement coach to finish out the season’s filming, and “Ace” now meets Liddell as an opposing “TUF” coach.

There’s not much word on what might have caused the switcheroo … from the whispers I’ve heard it’s not an injury, but that only makes the real reason all the more mysterious and juicy doesn’t it?