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TUF Brazil premieres on the internet this Sunday

TUF Brazil is finally here and will begin airing this Sunday at 11:30PM. But before you start fiddling with your remote trying to figure out where that stupid FUEL channel is hiding (answer: on another cable provider), get this. FUEL isn’t showing it. Instead you’ll have to go to the website to catch the show.

Meanwhile, FUEL continues to try and ram a dizzying array of UFC news shows down our throat. What is it gonna take to convince FOX execs that we want fights, not talk about fights? Is it so shocking that no matter how slick the production might be, we’d rather see Wanderlei Silva coaching a bunch of crazy Brazilians than some fat sportscaster behind a desk ponying up hype pieces?

I can only imagine the moronic conversation at FUEL that led to this decision. “Well, we could have the first piece of must see international UFC content but that would mean having a show with subtitles, and according to our data UFC fans can’t read. Let’s stick with more Thrillbillies reruns instead.”

Hey, I’m not complaining. This makes it easier for everyone to watch TUF Brazil.

  • iamphoenix says:

    queso dis is-on at 1130 pee em tonight pacifico time americano o wahtis dee dealsa wit tis schow upside down question mark