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TUF Brasil is a major hit

Amidst some nervous sky is falling vibes from the UFC and various critics regarding PPV buys, Zuffa must be happy about the performance of TUF Brazil. The season preimiere on Globo TV drew 8 million people, which is nearly seven million more than the live TUF on FX is pulling. That’s pretty cool news for the UFC, as it seems Brazil’s love affair with the UFC wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

Less cool: Globo TV’s competition Rede Record leaked the finalists for this season on their R7 Portal site:

Many specialized MMA websites, and in addition, to the fans who anxiously waited for the results of the show that happens every Sunday on Globo, which debuted yesterday, March 25th were disgusted by a written piece titled “R7 anticipates the four finalists in the new MMA reality TV program from Globo; find out who the winners are.”

This isn’t the first time TUF results have been leaked. TUF 10 saw Kimbo Slice spoilers hit the web before the show aired and one of the reasons Dana White and Sherdog hate each other is over Sherdog revealing who the TUF 4 finalists were. Unfortunately for the Baldfather, he probably doesn’t have the connections in the Brazilian TV industry to exact swift vengeance upon Rede Record. Maybe crushing them in the ratings department will suffice?